Thoughts From The Road: Happiness…It’s Up to You

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When it comes down to it, everyone wants to be happy. It’s that simple. Life should be about creating the most happiness for everyone and everything. We should live our lives in a way that is more Utilitarian than anything. In other words, if happiness is good then we should create the most good for the most people. We are included in this measurement of maximum happiness but having this attitude towards life creates a situation where we both receive happiness while taking part of that energy to perpetuate more.

Life Reflection: Happiness...It's Up To You. My Normal Gay Life Blog
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That brings me to my next point. While the goal in life is to maximize positive energy, and it’s an important thing to do, it’s simply up to you make yourself happy and keep positive. That means the only way you can really put positive energy into the world is by tending to yourself. You can’t rely on anything or anyone else. That includes the media, magazines, movies or TV, or other people. Granted, there are many things and people who help us along our way to living our best life but in the end we are responsible for our own happiness.

I am the only one who can really make me happy. 

The way I make myself happy is by surrounding myself with people who are equally positive, have a deep understanding of their existence, and who are very open-minded. I choose to pursue something for which I am passionate about, ergo travel. Travel, writing about travel, and all it entails gives me great pleasure. I am happy exploring cultures, new foods, strange places, and spending days and days away from home. Do I get homesick? Yes, of course. But in the end travel makes me happy. On top of this, playing with my pets, loving my husband and our relationship, supporting the arts, exploring the outdoors, and cooking makes me happy. There are so many things that bring me happiness but these things also cause others to feel happy. The one thing you should take note of is it all involves action. For instance, a tree doesn’t make me happy. But climbing in its branches, gazing at its beauty, or resting in its shade does cause me to feel happy.

Happiness...It's Up To You, My Normal Gay Life Blog
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It’s all about action.

The first action we have to take is choosing to be happy. We must choose it from the depths of our heart. Then we can enjoy the good times with other people. But no matter what, we have to change our perspective and take the stance of living a more positive life. Even during the bad times we can always find something positive to appreciate. And we must. Everyday will require making the same choice over and over to be happy. It’s not really a struggle but it can be really easy to give into the negativity of life. People will nag us, annoyance will happen, we may feel hopeless sometimes, life may feel pointless at other times …and we are allowed to feel all things plus more.

We just choose to find happiness, even the tiniest little shred, and we’re well on our way to living a happier, enlightened, more fulfilling life!

How do you try to keep your attitude positive? How do you choose happiness?


J Harvey

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