Why I Love Fun (And You Should Too!): 5 Reasons

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I’m a huge advocate of having fun.

In fact, fun is a major part of my life. I don’t really do anything unless I enjoy it and, at it’s core, that’s the definition of fun. Basically, fun is how I’d describe anything I enjoy doing or experiencing. I try my hardest to ensure that fun permeates my life. From my work, to my chores, to the people I associate myself with, to the foods I eat…fun influences all of them. 

For instance, with food, I enjoy eating both healthy and unhealthy food. Healthy food brings me enjoyment because I know it is nourishing my body, helping to strengthen my muscles, and ultimately contributes to higher levels of enjoyment from life. It also may help to extend my life. Meanwhile, unhealthy foods are just satisfying sometimes.

 Now, of course, everything can’t be fun. Going to get a vaccine or dealing with death are definitely things that are just not fun. Life is about maximizing those fun moments. But the not-so-fun times help us appreciate the times when we experience great pleasure and enjoyment.
Why I Love Fun (And You Should Too!): 5 Reasons. Make fun part of your day to day life and make the world a better place! My Normal Gay Life Blog, Gay Blog, LGBT Issues
I love fun!

It’s really that simple and I know I’m not the only person in the world who feels this way. Most people love to have fun. In many instances, we seek out fun through social gatherings, sports, outdoor activities, art, theater, music, love, sex, and travel (just to name a few). These things bring us excitement and helps us remove ourselves from the normal and everyday. And that’s important.

It can be easy to forget about bringing elements of fun into our lives. We get caught up with our jobs and career goals. Life has its turns and downward spirals.  Set-backs, unexpected negatives, and, sometimes, sickness can cause us to forget about the importance of pleasure. Before we know it, we realize many of the people in our daily lives are not very fun to be around and we’ve robbed ourselves of all the joy. Work we love, people we love, activities we love can feel much less fulfilling if we aren’t careful. 

That’s why it is important to take the time and tend to yourself. Go plant a flower, take a bubble bath, travel to a new place, lay on the beach, read a book, watch your favorite show, or just take a nap. Do the things that make you happy and commit some time each week to fun in one form or another. Make sure to do the things you love with the people you love as often as possible.

There are tons of reasons to commit to fun; the main reason being that fun is intrinsically great. Lately, I’ve let myself forget to have fun and I’m promising myself with this blog post that I’ll commit to fun more often.Why I Love Fun (And You Should Too!): 5 Reasons. Make fun part of your day to day life and make the world a better place! My Normal Gay Life Blog, Gay Blog, LGBT Issues

 If you need a few great reasons to have more fun, maybe these 5 will help you!

1) Fun makes us more likable. When we’re having fun, we relax and tend to not worry so much about our job troubles and other things. Our stress levels go down and we are more ourselves.

2) Fun motivates us.If we have some fun every so often, it’s like we are rewarding ourselves for a job well-done. This can motivate us to work even harder and be more determined. As for me, fun actually helps me get my work done. Writing this blog about my life, thoughts, and ideas is fun to me. Developing our small business and working at the nonprofit farm here in Raleigh is fun to me. Fun helps me keep going. 

3) Fun keeps you healthy.“All work and no play makes [anyone] a dull [person].” Seriously though, having fun helps us have a healthy mind and body. If we’re able to associate our daily tasks with having fun, we are more likely to have a healthier outlook on life. Stress levels will reduce and that means we have better overall physical and mental health. 

4) Fun revitalizes us. After a week of work (or sometimes a few hours), we all need to just let loose and let go. Doing something fun and enjoyable can help revitalize us and improve our outlooks. 

5) Fun spreads positive energy. As stated above, fun is intrinsically great. That means it helps generate positive energy and vibes. So have more fun and send more positive energy out into the world. So make a commitment to having more fun from now on. Schedule it in if you need to!

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Why I Love Fun (And You Should Too!): 5 Reasons. Make fun part of your day to day life and make the world a better place! My Normal Gay Life Blog, Gay Blog, LGBT Issues

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