How Travel Is Knowledge

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Traditional Education Is Great 

I am a HUGE advocate of books and education. I mean, I’ve spent most my life reading and learning from books. One Bachelor’s and two Master’s Degrees later, I definitely understand the value of formal education. Going to school, putting work in, and listening and engaging in dialogue is invaluable to us as individuals and as a society. I am very thankful for the education I’ve received because it’s made me a better writer, a critically thinking citizen, and a better person. I definitely wouldn’t be the same person I am today without education. But let’s face it…books are fantastic but you can’t learn everything from them. Travel is knowledge.

I don’t believe any author has ever thought that an individual would learn everything they need to know from a book. In fact, these days, experiential learning is incorporated into traditional education more and more.  Book help us gain a great base of knowledge but we cannot stop there. We have to go out and gain that knowledge through experience no matter the situation.

Experiences and Such

For me, knowledge comes through the experiences and perceptions of others. It is a result of seeing and being part of the world we live in. Travel is just another means of obtaining knowledge. When I look down at a 1-million-year-old volcanic caldera or walk through the ruins of an ancient castle, I gain a deeper understanding of the world. Walking through a mosque or a Catholic church and witnessing worship firsthand helps me see things through different eyes. Hearing a common history from a different perspective makes me understand the complexity of our past.

Most importantly, experience is key. I’ve learned about history, philosophy, religion, geopolitical issues, social justice and human rights, and governmental policy in school. In fact, I am (technically) an expert in some of these fields now. But when I go out into the world I am able to connect the dots and gain a clearer picture of what it all means while understanding the connectivity of everything.

The Journey Never Ends

Travel is another contribution to my perpetual quest to understand this world and humanity. My educational backgrounds provide the base…while travel contributes to deeper understanding.

Knowledge doesn’t come from books alone. It comes from a combination of formal education and experiential learning. Experience is the most important aspect in the obtainment of knowledge and it is different for each and every person. The key is to never give up the quest for true and clear understanding.

Travel is knowledge!

J Harvey

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How Travel Is Knowledge. Travel TIps from My Normal Gay Life Blog.

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