Top 5 Gay Hotels In Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is a pretty awesome place to visit…especially if you are LGBT. The island is home to a pretty open and accepting community which makes it the ideal place for gay people and the like to visit. Historically, the island has welcomed artists and other bohemian types which contributed to it becoming such an open place.

While the rest of Europe went through a period of time when those who were different were persecuted, Gran Canaria never really had the same experience. In fact, they continued to put on the same festivals despite what the rest of Europe was doing. Now, Gran Canaria is pretty much one of the top destinations for Europe and much of the rest of the world.  It is overflowing with natural wonders, incredibly rich culture, significant history, and a high-flying gay scene. It’s also one of the few places in Europe where it never really gets cold. Winter sort of just skips the islands because of their close proximity to the Sahara Desert.

So if you’re looking for a new gaycation destination, consider Gran Canaria. It definitely won’t disappoint and for many Americans it’s off the beaten path. There is more gay life than you’ll have time for! When you plan your vacation to Gran Canaria make sure to look into staying at a gay hotel if you’d like a more inclusive feeling.

If you want to find other hotels, check out these recommendations. There’s something for everyone! Here are my recommendations for the best gay hotels.

1) AxelBeach Masapalomas

Located just 5 minute walking from the Yumbo Center on Playa Ingles, this gay hotel boasts an outdoor swimming pool, great snacks and cocktails, a sauna, hot tub, and a fitness room.

Click Here To Visit AxelBeach Website

2) Villa AdlerTop 5 Gay Hotels In Gran Canaria. My Normal Gay Life Blog

This small resort sports bungalow-style apartments in a minimalist environment.

Click Here To Visit Villa Adler Website

3) Paso Chico

This bungalow-style hotel is situated directly across from the Yumbo Center and is great for those partiers. You can stumble back to your apartment and enjoy great rooms, a nice pool, and wifi.

Click Here To Visit Paso Chico WebsiteTop 5 Gay Hotels In Gran Canaria. My Normal Gay Life Blog

4) Birdcage Resort

This small bungalow resort is located on Playa Ingles and fairly close to Yumbo Center. It sports an outdoor pool and free movie rentals/wifi.

Click Here To Visit Birdcage Resort Website

5) Los Almendros

A clean bungalow resort with outdoor pool located between the gay beach and Yumbo Center.

Click Here To Visit Los Almendros Website




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Top 5 Gay Hotels In Gran Canaria. My Normal Gay Life Blog

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