Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics

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Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watch

This post is sponsored by JORD Watches who sent me an awesome wood watch! Contains affiliate links. 

Having arrived to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with a decently long layover, the husband and I decided we’d hang out in the airport lounge where it is quieter and there
are free cocktails. We chatted and imbibed when suddenly he realized our flight was boarding so we began to head to our gate. As we made our way to our gate, Alfred began to panic because it dawned on him that our flight had already boarded and was getting ready to take-off. He began to run towards the gate but it was too late; we missed our international flight to Ireland because of our poor time management. Had a unique watch been on my arm, we would not have had this problem.  You live, you learn! 

Don’t worry though, I’ve teamed up with JORD watches to make sure I’m always on time from now on with a stylish watch!

Why Time Matters

In the end, this worked out because we simply rebooked. For us, this wasn’t that big of a deal but for many, this would be devastating. That’s why it is vital to take time management and planning serious when we travel. Aside from getting to where we need to be on time, we also need to use our time wisely. Typically, we only have so many minutes and hours during a trip and it’s important to have grasp of how we’d like to spend them. Do you want to use part of your time exploring nature, reflecting at monuments and landmarks, or simply relaxing on a beach? Whatever you choose, it will most likely be a mixture of activities. Good time management will help you accomplish everything you hope to accomplish during a trip.

Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watchMy Official Time Keeper

In 2017, I’ll head to Israel for the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference and then spend 3 months exploring Europe. The 2017 My Normal Gay Life Euro Tour is bound to be quite the adventure and loads of fun as I explore different cities and bring the continent into your homes via your computer screens. Since I’ll be traveling alone, I’ll really need to keep track of my time. With plane and train schedules as well as everything else involved it’ll be important to plan carefully. Usually I have my husband, Alfred, to help me keep track of time but this time around I’m on my own. Time management will be entirely on me.

Luckily, I’m working with an amazing watch company called JORD who has agreed to provide me with a really unique watch that will be my official timekeeper for the tour.

About JORD

JORD is a company committed to creating high-quality timepieces modeled after a modern lifestyle. They make really cool men’s and women’s timepieces…it’s really the most unique watch I’ve ever seen! The company shares many of my own values including sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. These values are indispensable to me as a nomadic writer as they help me a more effective traveler and writer. All of JORD’s unique watches are made of sustainably sourced wood for the exterior aesthetics such as acacia, bamboo, ebony, maple, olive, zebrawood, and sandalwood…to name a few. The company says it makes it’s watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. I definitely have somewhere to go and really enjoy the luxury of a nice, unique watch. JORD delivers on all fronts when it comes to luxury, sustainability, and beauty. My Jord watch has such a chic design and doesn’t really weight as much as normal metal watches. That’s a pretty nice perk of these watches because I don’t really enjoy wearing clunky jewelry while I travel. On top of that, I’m pretty excited that it’s made out of’s such a different approach to a high-end accessory. The time-keeping mechanisms are outstanding and you can learn more about them on their website.

With such elegant designs, ethically sourced materials, and an amazing company personality, JORD watches are definitely a great way to rock some style and tell time with class. As JORD says; “The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.” I couldn’t agree more and can’t wait to sport my JORD watch as I traverse the continent of Europe in 2017!

Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watchTime Management Tips
Have a Great Time Piece

Having a reliable source for telling the time is of utmost importance. In fact, you should have more than one source as a back-up plan and a unique watch is perfect. As for me, I use my phone as well as a watch. I tend to rely more on my watch because I don’t always want to pull out my phone. If you are searching for a great, unique watch, I (of course) recommend JORD watches for all the reasons discussed above.

Win the Jetlag Battle

If you’re traveling great distances, you are bound to encounter our old friend jetlag which can be a major waste of time. Multiple time zone crossings definitely means you will deal with it. If you want to combat it, simply switch time zones the day before or on the day of your travel. In other words, if you normally go to bed at 10 pm eastern time zone and are traveling to Berlin, Germany then stay up later and go to bed at 3 am. You’ll have to go the bed earlier or later than you are use to, but it will help you effectively adjust to the time at your destination.

Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watchSleep

When we travel, it can be hard to find downtime. There is so much to do and explore…who has time for sleep, right? Wrong. You see, the thing is if you are not well-rested your experience will be completely different than if you were. A tired traveler misses some of the key moments while a rested traveler is energized and ready to take on the world. Try to get a nap in whenever you can. It’ll make a world of difference.

Create a Schedule

I know, I know…you’re traveling and are probably on vacation, so why would you bother with schedules? Well, I don’t about you but I find that things tend to go a lot smoother if I have some sort of a plan of action. It doesn’t mean you need to sit down and write out a schedule of events. Just, at least, have a mental plan of action to help guide you through the day and determine how much time you should realistically spend on each of your travel goals. It is cemented in stone or anything. It’s simply a guide. Let it guide you and see how much more effective you are at using your time while traveling.

Maintain Normal Habits

While we are traveling, there is no need to to let our routines go the wayside. Sure, circumstances might be a bit different but you can still make sure you complete your routines. If you normally work-out in the morning, write at a certain time of the day, or anything else…make sure to do them each day while you travel as well. These routines can help you manage your time better as they create a tangible foundation for good time management.

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Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watch

What are some ways that you make sure you are time-efficient when it comes to travel?

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Disclaimer: I received product from JORD Watches in exchange for a fair and honest review. Although this post is sponsored by JORD watches, all opinions are my own. Please visit my disclosure page for more information. 

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Don’t Waste Time! Travel Time Management Tactics. My Normal Gay Life Blog. JORD Men's Watches, Unique Watches, unique watch

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