That Time My Appendix Ruptured & I Fell In Love

Before all the glitz and glam of our oh-so-fabulous life, we were in a dating phase. I mean way before marriage was even a concept for us, before we began traveling all over the world together, and before we’d really even gotten to know each other too much, there was one disastrous weekend. It was one of those weekends you never forget. It’s a moment in our lives that was extremely challenging and something you’d rather forget. Unfortunately, the worst of times usually stick out in our minds the most. It’s the weekend my appendix ruptured and I fell in love.

We’d only been dating for about 2 months and so we went out often as we learned more about each other. We were sitting out on the patio of this bar called the Borough (which no longer exists by the way) when I get a phone call.  It’s my sister.

“Mom’s in the hospital,” she says.

“What?” I ask.

“Just come to Smithfield because you have to deal with this.”

That Time My Appendix Ruptured & I Fell In Love. My Normal Gay Life BlogSo, we drive to Smithfield pretty much immediately. I won’t go into details but it was not a very good situation. There was tons of family drama, police, and a bit of insanity involved. So, finally, we get home in the early morning. As we are laying there, I begin to think about Alfred who had just experienced the absolute craziness of my family. I was wondering if he’d stick around after all of it and, if he decided to go, I really wouldn’t be able to blame him. I’d understand because who, in their right mind, would stick around after all of that.

Later I go to sleep and he is sleeping next to me. Keep in mind, we’ve only dated for about two months at this point. At about 5 am, I wake up in pain. I don’t wake him though…I just get up to go the toilet. It doesn’t help and he wakes up. I’m clearly in excruciating pain so he convinces me to go to the hospital. We find out my appendix is pretty much rupturing. They put me on medications pretty much immediately and get me back to the operation room. It’s taken care of…I don’t die and here I am.

Now, for any normal person this would be an insane weekend. Seriously, think about it. He witnessed my family’s complete dysfunction and then I nearly die. I thought he’d surely peace out without even as much as a “see ya.” But he didn’t. Then I thought to myself “this guy must be really crazy.” But he isn’t.

I guess that’s pretty much the moment I sort of began to think he and I were probably going to end up together for good. I mean, going through all of that and then sticking with me anyway. At that moment, I knew he was a keeper. Maybe it’s even the moment I began to fall in love with him.

Just remember…

Things can sometimes seem crazy or even rushed…and sometimes they are indeed crazy and rushed. But if you take a minute to reflect before walking off, you might realize you found something special. It’s worth sticking around to see where it goes…what do you have to lose, really?

J Harvey

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That Time My Appendix Ruptured & I Fell In Love - My Normal Gay Life

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