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Post Guidelines:
  • All submissions should be no shorter than 500 and no longer than 3500 words and should include all necessary links.
  • All submissions should be travel-related with links to necessary sources.
  • You may not submit content for which you are receiving payment and you may not include affiliate links.
  • Share a story from your travels or offer some advice that can help readers be better travelers. If possible write in detail. It’s important to share your lessons and insights but also important for the reader to know how you came to learn it.
  • Please avoid references to your blog or other aspects of your business. An author bio and a link to your blog will be included in the published post. Please note that links in the body of the texts may be removed if they are self-promotional.
  • Please avoid references to religion if it is not relevant to the topic you are writing. These references will be removed and replaced. The blog is an inclusive publication.
  • Do not place extra blank spaces with hidden links.
  • You are responsible for responding to comments on your article. As the author, your answers add credibility and offer a better response to readers.
  • Please promote your post on your social media accounts and My Normal Gay Life Blog will do the same.
  • You should post a link to your guest article on your own blog or website to inform your readers about your article.
Other Information:
  • An author bio will be placed on the blog post page once it is published. It will include information about you so be prepared to provide this information.
  • Your author photo is pulled from your Gravatar profile. Please ensure you have set this up before the article is published.
  • If your post is a good fit, we will be in contact with you within two weeks.
  • You may be asked to revise your post to make it stronger or more clear and your title may be changed before publication.
  • If there are minor edits necessary after publication, please let us know and we will correct them. If any major changes are made, you’ll be asked to review and approve.
  • If your article is accepted, you’ll receive an email with further instructions and information about the scheduled date of publication.