What It’s Like To Take The Plunge and Travel More

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When I first started writing this blog, I really wanted to present my life to the world. Over time, the blog has taken on a life of its own and evolved into its current manifestation. The blog is mostly focused on travel these days because travel is such an important part of our life.

What It's Like To Take The Plunge and Travel More. My Normal Gay Life Blog!
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Travel is about experience

When we travel, we learn, explore, experience, and grow together. It’s an incredible feeling to travel with someone you love. I can’t really imagine our life without at least some travel and that’s a good thing because I’ve increased travel time exponentially.

For me, I decided I wanted to focus the blog more on travel because I feel, in many instances, I can bring a new perspective to the gay travel industry. There are a few bloggers who focus on LGBT travel and most of them are amazing people. You can get such great perspectives on different areas of the world from these people. That’s important! I bring much of the same perspective to the table with one major caveat. My formal education has trained me to really focus on culture and history. Many of the things I write take an historic perspective and while I travel, I really try to take culture and a regions history into consideration.

A Constant Evolution Towards A Nomadic Lifestyle

With that being said, the blog use to focus on many different aspects of my life. That is no longer the case. These days the blog’s focus is on any aspect of my life in relation to travel. Sure…I’ll write a post here or there about love or what have you. But for the most part, I focus exclusively on travel and how it relates to my life. What It's Like To Take The Plunge and Travel More

When I made this decision, I was at cross-road of sorts. It wasn’t a decision I made easily. I realized in order to write about travel, I would have to actually travel a lot more than I did before. I was afraid of being away from my husband for long periods of time and what that would do to our relationship. Money was another issue. But in the end, despite all my reservations, I took the plunge into the world of travel writing and I am not disappointed by it at all.

Friends and Such

I recently embarked on my first major blog tour with the Nomadic Boys and it was an incredible experience. All of those pesky fears came right back at me but they didn’t stop me. Spending nearly a month in another country is quite the experience. It really gives you the opportunity to understand the places you’re visiting. The hardest part of the situation was being away from my husband for three weeks. But we made it through and I actually think the experience may have made us grow.

In the end, deciding to travel more for the sake of the blog really isn’t that big of deal. It’s something I love to do and, though it is pretty exhausting, I am certain I will continue doing it. The experiences are something I could never gain just sitting at home. Of course, most of my readers will not simply travel and write as a career. But, practically speaking, I think everyone should be resolute in a decision to travel more. Your life can only improve as a result.

J Harvey


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J Harvey is a travel writer based in North Carolina. With two masters degrees, he decided to forget working a normal 9-5 job and instead create a travel blog focusing on travel for a more inclusive community. He hopes to increase LGBT representation within the travel industry while inspiring others to travel in whatever capacity.

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