5 Spooky Places To Visit This Halloween

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In the United States, Halloween is a big deal. It’s one of the most popular holidays in the country and people really go all out for it it. Typically, children go trick-or-treating at night while adults head to Halloween festivities. The one thing everyone does it dress up in costumes.

It’s a fun time of the year when, legend has it, the veil between the living and the dead worlds is thinnest and spirits can pass through freely.

All across the US, there are celebrations. From small towns to giant cities, Halloween is festive time and celebrated in a variety of ways. Where are the coolest places to be in America on October 31st? Well, here’s my short list. Some of these places will have you frightened out of your mind and some will offer ample opportunity to party it up all night. Choose one and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time!

Salem, MA

Salem is famous for it’s historically gruesome past when it was the site of the US’s most famous witch-hunt. The Salem With Trials happened between February 1692 and May 1693 resulting in 26 people put to death for being witches. Now the city celebrates witches big time in the coolest ways. You can take a guided tour, see witch’s trial re-enactments, parades, witches’ circles, a witch’s ball, séances and more. Don’t forget to visit the witch’s house, the only building left with direct ties to the trials. You can head to Salem anytime during the month of October for the Halloween experience too!


New Orleans is home to an eclectic mix of French, Native, Caribbean, and African cultures. As a result, it has strong ties to witchcraft and voodoo. It’s also known as one of the most haunted cities in the world! You can take guided haunted tours, visit a voodoo shop, and attend the giant Halloween celebration in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood.

New York, NY

If it’s in New York City then you know it’s going to be good. There are parties across the city but the most famous is in Greenwich Village. The party features dancers, gigantic puppets, and you can march in the parade. You can also take an after dark tour of the crypts at St. John the Divine or a ghost tour in the village.

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Sleepy Hallow is most famous as the town where Washington Irving’s legend featuring the headless horseman. The town celebrates Halloween for the entire month of October featuring hayrides, parades, street fairs, and cemetery tours.  You can see Irving’s tomb and the crypt of Barnabas Collins.

Long Beach, CA

One of the most haunted places in America is a ship called the Queen Mary. In her heyday, she was quite the luxury cruise liner but is now permanently docked in Long Beach. A visit to the Queen Mary during the month of October offers the chance to walk through 6 haunted mazes with more than 200 spirits and ghosts. The ship is actually extremely haunted so you might see a few real spirits as well. No costumes allowed unless it is Halloween night!

Orlando, FL 

Orlando might not seem like the place you’d normally want to celebrate Halloween festivities because the weather just doesn’t feel quite right. But the theme parks in the area really do go all out. The best is Universal Studios which quickly changes into a park of horrors at night. You will definitely scream your head off.

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