Quick Travel Guide: Paris in 24 Hours

Paris is referred to as  La Ville Lumière or the City of Light because of its role during the Enlightenment and because it was the first European city to adopt gas street lighting. Today, it is a wonderful city filled with a rich history, many monuments, museums, and landmarks to be experienced. If you ever find yourself with only 24 hours to explore this magnificent European city, do not worry. I’ve actually been in this very situation and have created a quick travel guide that will help you maximize your 24 hours so that you may experience a good portion of what Paris offers. 

My Normal Gay Life Blog Quick Travel Guide: Paris in 24 HoursHowever, the quick travel guide does depend on a few conditions in order to fully complete it. First, I created the guide based on an early morning arrival to the city. We arrived at about 5 am and had the entire date to explore. It was actually quite beautiful to see the streets of Paris practically empty at such an early hour and offered an excellent opportunity for photography. 

You also must be willing to walk a lot. It’s the best way to take in all the peripheral sights and sounds of the city. Walking definitely made our adventure in Paris all the more fun. However, I suggest you take transportation to the Eiffel Tower…that was quite a long walk from Pont Neuf. 

One last thing…in order to complete this adventure, you’ll be exploring the city at night. Paris is gorgeous during the day but it becomes enchanting at night. They don’t call it the City of Light for no reason after all. In other words, you will be going all day and into the night. You’ll feel exhausted by the end of it all but it will totally be worth it.

In any case, this quick travel guide is intended to serve as just that…a guide. You should, of course, alter your route and make it your own. Take my suggestions and make your own adventure!

J. Harvey

 Quick Travel Guide: Paris in 24 Hours - My Normal Gay Life . Click here to download the guide.








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My Normal Gay Life Blog Quick Guide: Paris in 24 Hours

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