Quick Guide: Best Things To Do In Zürich, Switzerland.

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Zürich is, hands down, one of my favorite place I’ve visited. It’s a refined city filled with history and the Swiss are a very proud people. If you ever visit the city you should take the time to check-out at least one of the cities more than 50 museums and over 100 galleries.

You can’t possibly visit them all in one normal vacation but you can have a lot of fun trying. 

One day, Alfred and I hope it is possible for us to move to Switzerland and take residence in Zürich. Lucky for us, we have a couple of friends there and it would be a pretty smooth transition to life in such an amazing place. The city has a great public transportation system and, as is the Swiss way, everything always runs exactly on schedule.

This guide presents a number of  cultural experiences, museums, and other interesting attractions. It does not provide recommendations for restaurants but you should have no problem discovering the plethora of rich food choices in this city. If you visit around the holidays be sure to stop by the Christmas Markets and have Glüwein. 

Stay tuned for a future Quick Travel Guide dedicated to all the gay attractions in Switzerland!

J. Harvey

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Quick Guide: Best Things To Do In Zürich, Switzerland. My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

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