Puerto Vallarta: 5 Things To Love About Gay Resort Life

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Well, we spent our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was an all-inclusive gay resort put together by Atlantis and, believe it or not, I really enjoyed it all. As we left to go on this trip, I had my doubts. I didn’t think I was the type to enjoy these all-inclusive affairs but I was mistaken. It was such a fun time and I cannot wait to participate in another Atlantis event. There are tons of things to love about a gay Atlantis event but here are a few of my favorite things. 

5 Things To Love About Gay Resort Life. My Normal Gay Life Blog1) All-Inclusive

I didn’t really know what to expect by this but it really means everything included. Of course, massages and excursions are extra but all your alcoholic beverages and food comes with  the price you pay. That was a really helpful situation and made for an enjoyable time. Vodka-soda for breakfast…no problem. 

2) Gay Comfort 

If you are a gay individual, it is liberating to take holiday in a place catering to the gay community. Having the ability to just be ourselves without fear of repercussion is refreshing and important. I loved being able to kiss my husband anywhere at the resort with no worry attached. 

3) Boys (or Girls if you’re into that)

At this gay resort the predominate sex was male. There are tons of nice, cute, and hot men everywhere which makes for great people watching. If you are looking for sex, you’ll find it for sure. But, girls…don’t worry, there are always a few of you around at these resorts too. 

4) Parties

Gay men love to have themed parties that include costumes. I actually enjoy themed parties a lot and Atlantis doesn’t disappoint with a different themed party just about everyday. T-Dances and late night dance parties are the norm at these events and this year included themes such as tropical sarong, military dog tag, white party, 80s, 70s, and “That’s Entertainment.” It gives us a chance to be creative and a little sexy with our outfits. 

5) Friends

It’s really hard to avoid making friends on a trip like this. There are fun, friendly individuals all around you and it’s so easy to chat and bond over drinks. We met a ton of new people and quite a few new friends. Now, we have friends all across this country and that is awesome. This was probably the best part of the whole trip.

* Wondering about another gay destination in Mexico, why not give Guadalajara a try?

So what do you think? 
A luxury resort sounds kind of nice doesn’t it?

J. Harvey

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 Travel Puerto Vallarta: 5 Things To Love About Gay Resort Life

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