Why There Is Nothing Better Than Home After A Long Trip

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Travel is amazing. 

Let’s be honest…traveling is amazing. Nothing beats making the decision to go on a trip, planning that trip out, actually going on the trip, and dealing with all the crazy stuff that happens during that trip. Sometimes one of the best parts of traveling is going home. For me, there’s nothing better than home after a long trip.

Why There Is Nothing Better Than Home After A Long Trip. My Normal Gay Life BlogThere are a million reasons to love travel.

Hiking through wild forests and witnessing incredible views. Sharing in a foreign culture and learning a bit about ourselves in the process. Exploring new cities where we are just strangers and no one knows our names and standing in the presence of great works of art while later enjoying the new sensations of flavors we’ve never knows. These are all excellent reasons for traveling. It’s all about using your five senses and experiencing new and terrific things.

Home is wonderful!

By the same token, coming home can be a bittersweet experience. It’s always sad to have a journey and an adventure come to an end. For days or weeks, we’ve allowed ourselves to open up to the world so that we might full take it all in and experience all it has to offer. And boy, did it not disappoint. But suddenly it’s time to go home. After dealing with the initial disappointment in the trip ending, we soon realize going home doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, home is wonderful!

Getting back to our base. 

You see, going home means we get to be back at our base…the place where we feel comfort and safety. In a sense, we return to our comfort zone when we return home. Some people might say they’d rather be outside their comfort zone at all times. Well, I think that’s silly. Seeing the people we love, our pets, and getting back to a few routines can be very beneficial to our health…especially our mental health. On top of this, it’s really hard to appreciate how incredible the rest of the word is if you can’t appreciate how wonderful home is too.

As it is said, you can’t appreciate the sunny days without the rainy days. That’s not to say going home should be equated to a miserable, rainy day. But going home is like a rainy day in that we then reflect on our trip and grow from it. No matter how many times I return home, I’m usually to head back out the door in a fairly short time.

Onward to the next adventure! 

J Harvey

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