Thoughts from the Road: Make Each Moment Count

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I’m always searching for ways to make progress in my life. I mean, it’s important to accept the reality we live in but there is nothing wrong with working towards greater things. Basically, we should try to find happiness in the moment but always build our moments up. This very moment passes in the blink of an eye and we are on to the next. 

It’s important to do things that make us feel uplifted in a way which is fulfilling. Eliminating things that bring us down or makes us feel broken is vital to making the next moment of our lives that much more fulfilling. Spiritually, negative influences adds weight to us. The spirit is precious and should not be wasted trying to fix the past. 

The past cannot be fixed. Focus on the now and learn from your past. Take the lessons you’ve learned and mover forward in happiness. Happiness is the point of life. It doesn’t have to be mystical and mysterious. Just live each moment to bring maximum happiness without causing harm to others.

J Harvey

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Life Reflections: Make Each Moment Count. Work towards greater things and your present moment will always be happy..- My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

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