Thoughts from the Road: The Future Is Now

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A lot of people, myself included sometimes, seem to look towards the future in hopes of accomplishing some distant ideal of happiness and success. The funny thing about this perspective we all seem to adhere by is that the future doesn’t exist until we are there. We are living in the future! Right now, this very moment is the future. Then it becomes the past just as quickly and we lose the moment for ever. 

I know that is a little hard to wrap the mind around but it’s really simple. We can only live in one area of time…and that is this very moment. If we can find happiness in each moment then we create success for ourselves. However, if instead, we spend each moment of our lives constantly building up to a potentially happier place then we lose each moment in which we may have found the happiness we desire because we are living in the future. Today…right now!  

The future is now and it should be focused on purity of happiness. 

Love yourself.

It doesn’t make you a narcissist if you seek what is health and most beneficial for yourself. 

Love others.

Build healthy, positive relationships with people and fill your life with these different friendships. 


Place your efforts into creating positive energy in your life today. By planting the seeds of happiness today, you may ensure a better outlook for the future. 

Don’t waste your time on fruitless efforts. If something causes you to feel unhappy then change that situation in your life. We all have the ability to do this but so many of us fail to see the reality of the matter. Do what makes you happy and don’t live in dread or misery. If your job is going nowhere, then change your occupation. If your relationship is detrimental then end it. Travel, create, grow things, build things, add value to the world but don’t live an unfulfilling existence. 

These, and other, negative influences can really affect our happiness. The wrong way to live your life is in fear oif the future. There really isn’t much to fear because life offers happiness to those who seek it and to those who are willing to keep an open mind. 

J. Harvey

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