Life Reflection: Dealing With Rejection

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Rejection is not the easiest thing to do deal with. 

Despite this truth, we all have to deal with rejection at some point. It’s an inevitable fact of life. Someone is going choose someone over you whether it be for a job, for a sports team, or in love. There are many instances during life when we will feel rejected.

It’ll never be something fun to deal with. 

I have been rejected many times in my life. As a young child, I was often rejected by my peers when it came to sports. So I decided to become one of the best athletes I could be. In college, I was rejected from a number of organizations. So I became the student body president and founded a number of my own organizations. I’ve been rejected from jobs and, even now, I find rejection from some of the blogger community who do not take me seriously.

Despite all of this rejection, I persevere. It doesn’t get to me because I won’t let that rejection mandate my life.

Why is it important to learn to deal with rejection?

Like I said, rejection is inevitable and in some ways it can be rather devastating. Feeling as though we are not good enough or that we do not fit some sort of preconceived parameters can really hurt. It can make us feel isolated.

But we have to take rejection with a grain of salt and not worry so much about it. If we, as individuals, can’t deal with rejection then our relationships with others will suffer. Allowing ourselves to grow insecure due to the opinions of others is not a healthy habit. That’s all rejection is in the end…a negative opinion.

What can we do?

So what is it that we should do instead? Well, reaching out and becoming part of the world is the best thing we can do. Despite all the rejection we will face, we need to pony up and get things done. We can’t allow our fear of rejection to keep us from living our lives and accomplishing our goals. When fear is allowed to take control, we allow misery, despair, and depression into our world. Society will more often say no than yes. No matter anyone’s response, we should be able to stand on our own and make things happen.

Creating, exploring, connecting…these things will help us deal with rejection. When we build a base of positive thinking and acting, a little rejection can’t cause us harm.

J Harvey

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