Thoughts From The Road: Weakness Dissolves Happiness

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One of the key aspects of being happy in this life is to feel good about life itself. In other words, in order to have a positive outlook, we must appreciate life for what it offers. When we feel good about life, we begin to see with a new sense of vision. Negative attitudes, bad mojo, weakness…it all begins to shed away with a positive outlook.

That’s not to say weakness is necessarily a bad trait.

We are all weak in some way or another. We simply have to either learn to embrace our weakness or work very hard to improve ourselves and eliminate those unfavorable things about ourselves. Anyone who tells you weakness is a bad thing is wrong. It is absolutely human to feel weak at times…and the strongest thing we can do is look those weaknesses directly in the eyes and say “Not today.”

We can’t let our weaknesses take root. To be the best person we can possibly be, it is vital to own those weaknesses and then try our best to eliminate them. These flaws don’t have to define us and it is only when we allow these faults to take control do we lose the opportunities to be happy.

There will always be people to point out our weaknesses. Let them. 

Those people lack strength of character and that is the ultimate sign of unhappiness. The imbalance of positive and negative energy in these individuals causes them to lash out at others. But we don’t let these people have an affect on our lives. We simply acknowledge them for their worth and move on. No one can define you. Only you can do that. Through an understanding of our own weaknesses, we can begin the process of recreating and rebuilding ourselves. It doesn’t take a lot of work…and then we find great happiness!

I know…I’ve been there.

I’m still there, as it is an ongoing journey, and I couldn’t be happier!

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

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