Thoughts From The Road: Unhappiness Is A Byproduct of a Toxic Environment

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We All Want To be Happy

Alright, let’s be honest with ourselves….we all want to be happy. But a lot of us don’t really want to do what it takes to create a happier environment for ourselves because it takes time and effort. An even bigger issue we have to face is introspection. We have to look at our own lives, without all the noise of everyone else, and accept who and what we are at a given moment. This can be rough because sometimes it means seeing things for the way they are and that is not always going to be a very positive scenario. But it doesn’t mean we are unhappy or we are irreparable. But if we really want to find true happiness then we have to be prepared to accept what we find and choose to be happy regardless.

Life Reflection: Unhappiness is a byproduct of a toxic environment
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Unhappiness and Fear

So many of us fear what we are and it often doesn’t make sense. The main source of our fear is that perceptions of who we are will deem us as losers or failures. Many of our fears are directly related to our shortcomings and how others will perceive us. We don’t have this or we didn’t accomplish that in a specific amount of time…these things can have negative impacts on our self-esteem. But the truth is none of this is real. Follow me here…these parameters are created by our own minds or by other people. They’re arbitrary. They are illogical. Yet we allow them to hinder and hold us down. It’s all nonsense when it comes down to it. As long as we are honest with ourselves about who we are, what we are, and what we are capable of, happiness is within grasping distance.

Life Reflection: Unhappiness is a byproduct of a toxic environment
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What Can We Do?

This requires setting realistic goals and then working to reach those goals. You see, setting unrealistic goals creates a toxic environment as we do unhealthy things to reach them. If you’re working a hundred hours a week to reach your goals then you are living in a toxic environment. Typically one toxic scenario leads to another and before you know it, you’re not happy and neither is anyone living with you because it will rub off. For instance, you find yourself not sleeping well, so you drink loads of caffeine to keep you going. Soon this leads to even less sleep and before you know it, you’re easily upset and your relationships begin to suffer as a result. All of this just to keep your drive going. The funny thing about drive is it should not require loads of effort to maintain.

Find something you’re passionate about and pursue it. Set achievable goals that will eventually help you accomplish that big thing you want to accomplish. Most importantly, always, always consider your own health and environment. By doing this, you’ll ensure real happiness!

What do you choose?

J Harvey

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Life Reflection: Unhappiness is a Byproduct of a Toxic Environment

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