Thoughts From The Road: Travel Fulfills My Life & Can Do The Same For You

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Life Reflection: Travel Fulfills My Life & Can do The Same For you -Read More- My Normal Gay Life Blog
Standing At Roque Nublo
Why do we travel?

I know I travel for the ripples in the water. You see, when I head out on an adventure, I know I am going to meet new people. Those people will have an impact on my life and there is no stopping it. The only way to keep the impact from occurring is to stay home and never leave the city I call home. But I can never be happy simply seeing the world through a computer screen and living vicariously through the actions and risks of others. The action of travel creates ripples in the sea of life as we all impact one another in both negative and positive ways. By traveling, we change the world in small yet exponential ways.

Life Reflection: Travel Fulfills My Life & Can do The Same For you -Read More- My Normal Gay Life Blog
Sailing in the Canary Islands
Information overload…

While we carry out the day-to-day of our lives, we fall into routines which help give us a solid foundation. It’s much easier to live life knowing what’s coming next and what tasks we need to complete. But in today’s world part of that routine most certainly involves surfing the web. We have information and data coming at us at all times. We surf the web, read through our various social media accounts, and even get notifications to our phones so we don’t miss out on even one second of information. In some ways, we are incredibly lucky because we are never in the dark about anything going on in the world…at least we aren’t always clueless. But it also means we are often overstimulated and consume far too much information. All that information can really make us feel like we are missing out on life as it happens event though life is happening right now…all around us.

Life’s meaning…
Life Reflection: Travel Fulfills My Life & Can do The Same For you -Read More- My Normal Gay Life Blog
Hanging out among the cacti of the Galapagos.

While we read about the awesome (and sometimes bad) things happening around the world, it can feel like life is chugging along pretty quickly and leaving us behind. Our own lives may begin to feel a little less fulfilling because it’s easy to lose ourselves in the curated online world which often looks so incredible. But we have to remember what we are looking at, watching, and reading about is all carefully selected to invoke certain emotions. Through all of this, we might begin to wonder about the meaning of life. What is the point of all of this and what can we do to gain the life we want filled with meaningful experiences and interactions?

Lights, camera, and…

It’s action. Quite simply put, I cannot begin to explain the meaning of life to you because it’s different for each person. For me, life is about developing meaningful relations, understanding culture, and increasing LGBT visibility through travel. But for you (and anyone else) it will be something different. But the one thing we all share…the one thing our various life meanings require is action. So you see someone is enjoying a stroll through a park in Paris and you want to have that experience? Well, it’s up to you to make it happen. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start today and you’ll reach that goal much quicker. It’s important that we get off our butts and start building connections to the world around us and I believe travel is the most obvious way to do this.

Today is the day you begin to change your world and, in turn, the world around you. The world isn’t going to save you; you have to save yourself. The way to do this is through action. Travel helps us learn more about this wonderful globe we live on and through travel we create those ripples. So get out there and start splashing around …the world needs your ripples!

J Harvey

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Life Reflection: Travel Fulfills My Life & Can do The Same For you -Read More- My Normal Gay Life Blog

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