Thoughts From The Road: Transcend The Ego

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Our egos can lead to our downfall. You see, most of us make the mistake of believing we ARE our egos. It’s not that the ego is bad. It’s simply a matter of the ego being misguided. The ego really wants to protect us. But in doing so, it creates jealousy, possessiveness, anxiety, judgement, fear, and self-consciousness. In many ways, most these emotions and states of being are all very beneficial to our survival. However, if we succumb to the idea that these negative emotions are an integral aspect of our being then our ego succeeds in protecting us but in an unhealthy, sometimes painful, and disingenuous way. 

The ego can act as an overly protective parent.

It can keep us from experiences that would enrich our lives to help us avoid the risk of being hurt. In order to fulfill our truest potential, we must learn to rise above our egos and let go of everything that does not align with our being, our values, and our goals. Far too many people allow their ego to trap them in a life of negative, cyclical patterns. These negative behaviLife Reflection: Transcend The Ego. Transcend the ego and let go of all that does not better us as individuals.ors could be anything from alcohol and drug abuse to self-doubt and depression to never trying anything out of fear. To transcend the ego is to put your foot down and not let these negative things  take root in your life.

We do it through love and allowing ourselves to be loved.

We must learn to love ourselves, others, our current place in life, our jobs, our hobbies, and all that our lives entail. If we find a certain aspect of our life does not encourage and perpetuate love and the positive emotions that stem from love than we change it. It’s that simple.

 We are ultimately in control of our own course of action.

All it takes is making a better choice. Thus, the ego will recede back to equal grounds with the other parts of our personalities. We must maintain that balance in order to be happy. 

J Harvey

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My Normal Gay Life offers advice to both gay and non-gay people. Transcend the ego in order to achieve you fullest potential.

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