Life Reflection: Success is Subjective

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We work and we work and we work…but how do we know if our efforts and toil are worth it. A lot of the time we compare our self to others. But this isn’t fair to our self. It can be a pretty easy habit to fall into.  

Many of us are plagued by this habit mostly because we’ve learned to admire and respect the success of others. From a young age, the notion that we should try to replicate those successes we see on television or read about in magazines is ingrained in us.

These lofty ideas feed our ego. When we feed our ego, it grows far too big. Then our extra-large ego keeps us from seeing our own successes for what they truly are. It may be we are reasonably successful but we compare that success to the success billionaires and the lifestyles of celebrities.  It’s not logical and nothing good comes of these comparisons.

What does come of this is the inability to congratulate ourselves. Instead we wallow in internal misery and external envy. Our work shifts from serving as a source of happiness to a focus on money-making in order to accomplish some arbitrary ideal of success. It becomes the “sickness unto death” as Soren Kierkegaard puts it…or despair. 

Instead of perpetuating and creating despair in our lives, it is best to live a life focused on happiness for ourselves and others. The best thing is to be happy with our state and try to live a good life. If our current state is not ideal, then we can improve it. 

It’s never really a smart idea to compare our self to others. The end-result ugly as it causes us to feel unsuccessful, empty, and strips away our positive energy. 

J Harvey

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Life Reflection: Success is Subjective. Don't compare yourself to others or else you'll never feel successful.--My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

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