Thoughts From The Road: Positive Actions Create Positive Effects

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Life doesn’t happen to those who just stand still. In fact, life doesn’t just happen at all.  Everything happening each and every day is the result of action not inaction.  The intentions and motivations behind our actions is what determines the outcomes. 

If you take false, ill-intended actions then the outcome will be negative. Approaching anything with even a sliver of negativity will have am undesirable repercussion of some sort.

Now, if you take action with goodwill and have decent motivation for those actions then the results will be advantageous and at times unexpected. It’s like a domino effect. One good action leads to another good result leading to another good action and so on. Before you know it, you feel as though the world is in your favor and you owe that to the positive energy you’ve sent out. In fact, you’ve willed the universe to favor you and that’s just a really awesome feeling. 

That’s the power lying in each and every one of us. Some of us have realized that and we take full advantage of it. There are many who will never discover the true measure of the power lying within us. In fact, it was not until fairly recently that I realized I had the ability to will circumstances in my favor. I realized my actions needed to, not only empower me, but also encourage positive energy in life in general. That means realizing each and everyone of our actions has an effect on a plethora of other people, living creatures, and our surrounding environment. 

The concept of social responsibility comes into play. We recycle, don’t litter, use only our fair share of water, and advocate for the environment. That’s one part of social responsibility. But the responsibility I am talking about is realizing our actions have larger repercussions and in turn can have an even greater effect on our lives in the long run. If we let go of egotistical ways of thinking while emphasizing positive actions, then we move forward as individuals. We progress. This is the ultimate goal. Cause no harm and evolve as human beings

J Harvey

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Life Reflection Positive Action Creates Positive Effects

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