Thoughts From The Road: We Need People

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In my lifetime, I’ve known a few people who say they don’t need anyone but themselves. I’ve also known people who claim everything they have and everything they’ve accomplished is because of their own hard work and not the help of others. Every time I hear either of these two ideas expressed, in any of their many variations, I roll my mind’s eyes.

The issue with this mentality is that it is the hallmark of an ungrateful, egotistical person. None of us live in a bubble. Sure, we may all work very hard and feel pretty proud of our accomplishments but I guarantee you along the way we’ve each had just a little bit of help. Perhaps a friend had a connection that pushed us further along our path or maybe someone listened to you one day when you needed it most. In any case, we all need other people and nothing we accomplish is solely based on the individual.

Now, going back to the original two phrases that I find silly at best, there are times when you might just feel fed up with people in general. Perhaps you feel neglected, underappreciated, or any number of other negative feelings occurring as a result of interactions with other people. Well, first of all, self-pity will never get you far. In fact, it’ll simply hinder you because it’s easy to wallow in pity then to take action to fix your situation.

On top of this, it’s easy to give up on others. Of course we can all arrive at our wit’s end and feel as though it might be better to be alone than to deal with negativity happening as a result of others but let me be the first to tell you it’s just not true. I went through a period of self-imposed isolation and arrived at my lowest point once. I decided it wasn’t worth it to put efforts into my relationships. Instead of getting better, I sank into a pit of despair.

You see, we need people. Human beings require human interaction. We function better when we interact with others and we learn to innovate, to go farther, and be better people through these interactions. It’s always OK to walk away from negative situations and negative people. But choosing to be alone is never a good idea. So remember, building community, reaching out to the world, and even listening to our egos is all part of being human. We develop as people thanks to our communities…and none of us lives vacuum.

J Harvey

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