Thoughts From The Road: We All Have To Make A Choice.

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Sometimes we all make mistakes and start heading down the wrong path. Addictions to certain things such as drugs, sex, alcohol, or even chaos can lead some of us down those paths. For others, self-doubt, self-aggrandizement, co-dependency, depressive thoughts, insecurity, and other internal factors can lead to a negative outlook on life and a harder journey towards our goals. And it’s OK for these things to happen. It’s ok to give into dark desires and self-deprecation sometimes. The important thing is we don’t make this our norm. We might sink into our dark space for a bit but then we pull ourselves out of it no matter what. It might be hard but it is absolutely necessary to do so. Ultimately, we all must make a choice.

We have to open our eyes and see our truth. Sure…we might not be the most successful people in comparison to others. We might not have the perfect life filled with all the wonderful people we’d like to know or fun material possessions we feel we’d enjoy. But the truth is none of these aspects matter if we cannot come to terms with the way we wish to live. In order to achieve personal growth, we have to set positive goals and see our truth despite all outside influencing factors.

We have to ask ourselves; “How do I want to live?”

A life of indulgence and psychological intoxication is not really fulfilling. This type of existence only makes feel happy for the moment. Then we lead a life taking actions that make us feel joy for just those moments. We begin to desperately seek those moments and before we know it, we are living for the moment. It’s called addiction.

However, if we choose to live our life as though we are painting a larger picture, then suddenly we have purpose. Each action we take should contribute to that larger picture. Through this type of living we discover happiness based on our inner desire to better than yesterday, not to be better than other people. In reality, we are not better than other people. We all simply choose different actions which leads us on different courses.

The choice simply comes down to the two aspects discussed above.

Which do you choose?

J Harvey

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Life Reflection: We All Have To Make A Choice.. My Normal Gay Life Blog

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