Thoughts From The Road: The Key To Happiness

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I’m, generally, a happy person. I try to be at least. Granted, there are times when I just can’t deal with life. Those times are bound to happen to everyone and can either make or break us. It’s how we choose to deal with these situations that really define us. My primary goal in every situation is to maintain a positive attitude.

I believe happiness is a state of mind.

Nevertheless, it requires a foundation of sorts. For me, and I hope for you, that foundation is optimism and a positive attitude. In this scenario, positivity is the key to happiness. Therefore, lasting happiness is dependent on a lasting positive outlook.

People search everywhere for happiness. They try everything to create happiness. Drugs, alcohol abuse, sex, money…all these things can be ok in their own right. But people tend to turn to these things in excess to fill a void where there should be happiness. These things can only bring a moment or two of happiness and then it’s back the ugly void in our hearts. We should never use anything to make us feel happiness. Instead, we have to find that happiness inside.

A positive attitude is the key to happiness…

…and the foundation for lasting happiness. When we are positive, we force ourselves to see the brighter side of every scenario in life. We stop worrying so much about nonsensical issues and recognize that the beauty of life lies in imperfection.

When we allow things to corrupt us, we allow unnecessary weakness to enter our lives. Slowly, those weaknesses, that corruption can debilitate us from within and destroy our positive outlooks. The good thing is, over time, practicing self-awareness and maintaining a positive outlook creates a stronger barrier against negative influences. Eventually, nothing can really bring us down because we are able to see the beauty of any situation. There is always a plus side…we just have to see it.

So, if you want to be happy do what makes you happy and maintain a positive outlook. It really is that simple.

J Harvey


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Life Reflection: The Key To Happiness

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