Thoughts From The Road: The Happy Ecosystem

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Happiness is neither fleeting nor perpetual. It is neither stationary nor dynamic. Happiness is a state of mind which must be maintained. It is quite natural to feel other things besides happiness. That’s to say, if you are not happy all the time, it’s alright.

You aren’t intended to be happy all the time. In fact, how would you know what happiness is if you didn’t feel other things sometime? That’s the point. Everything you feel throughout the day, from happiness to sadness, to desperation to relief to boredom, helps you continue to evolve into a complex human being.

Sure…we would all love to feel happiness 100% of the time. But is that realistic? I mean, there are times when I will watch a romantic movie or a documentary that I know will make me cry, or feel angry, or feel helpless. Why do we put ourselves in situations that will make us feel something other than happiness? I think it’s because of a very human desire to be empathetic. in some ways, feeling other emotions makes us feel happy. Perhaps, it’s because of our desire to experience new things or maybe its because when we feel other things, we remember those happy moments.

If we want to feel more happiness, then we need to create the situation for happiness to flourish. Just like a healthy ecosystem that requires biodiversity, a happy emotional ecosystem requires emotional diversity. In order to accomplish this, we have to be willing to work. That’s right, happiness takes work just like everything else. This means eliminating negative aspects and influences of your life.  It means you have to put effort into getting out there and doing what makes you happy. For me, that’s travel and writing. For others, it could be anything.

Every activity you choose to participate in should have a purpose. Ultimately that purpose should make you happy. That’s how we create a positive and fulfilling life.

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

J. Harvey

J Harvey is a travel writer based in North Carolina. With two masters degrees, he decided to forget working a normal 9-5 job and instead create a travel blog focusing on travel for a more inclusive community. He hopes to increase LGBT representation within the travel industry while inspiring others to travel in whatever capacity.

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