Thoughts From The Road: Getting Rid of Some Anxiety

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We all feel anxious sometimes over any number of reasons. Sometimes that anxiety can be overwhelming and sometimes that anxiety can stick around for a while. There are many reasons we feel anxiety but if we look a bit deeper, it usually has something to do with the way we see ourselves. So take a bit of time, have a coffee, and reflect.

Logically, the way to resolve this issue is to change the way we see ourselves. But that can be difficult. Just like everything…with work, we can accomplish a better outlook about ourselves and lessen our anxiety in life.

No one thing defines any of us. Our weight, muscle girth, performance in certain aspects of life, love or lack of love for children, travel experience…all of these things (and more) are just small bits of what define us. However, we usually latch on to one aspect of our definition as the definitive focus of who we are as people. But we aren’t our relationships or any of those things on their own.

To rid ourselves of anxiety, we have to build healthy habits into our day-to-day routine. This means eating healthy, taking time for yourself, developing good relationships, among other things. When we do this, we will rid ourselves of the negative thoughts that corrupt our hearts. It’s impossible to live with a positive outlook if we are constantly bombarded by our own negative thoughts.

The only way to get rid of this negative energy is through healthy habits. Eliminate things like intoxication, obsession, being illogical, and the need to have the last word. Then you’ll notice anxiety just seems to vanish as well.


J Harvey


Sharing is caring!

J. Harvey

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