Thoughts From The Road: Fear and Doubt

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Some people believe life would be more enjoyable without fear and doubt. You know what, they might be right. If we did not have anything to fear and no reason to doubt ourselves or others than life might be a bit more pleasant. However, we don’t live in that ideal world. We live in a world where fear and doubts are very real things. These things cause us to grow stronger as we face our fears and accomplish goals despite our doubts. We must never allow our hesitations to stop us from facing our fears.  Remember, while fears are no fun to deal with, they help us become more confident and accomplish genuine happiness.

If we did not know what it was like to feel unhappy then we would not know what it was like to feel happy. In order to enjoy the good times, we must experience the bad times. Only through this process do we learn to appreciate all that we have around us. 

It’s easy to give into our fears and fall into bad habits. These bad habits can lead to unhealthy desires, terrible spiritual experiences, and addiction.  I won’t say these negative aspects of life have no value. For some people, these experiences are necessary to overcome the fears that hold them back. Sometimes people need to go to the edge of disaster to truly learn and, sadly, everyone does not always learn from these experiences. 

But there is no value in lingering in a negative situation. Value lies in learning to be happy in your current situation. An expansive understanding of the world around you and pulling yourself out of miserable situations will lead to true happiness. 

You can’t save the world on your own but you are more than capabe of saving yourself. You can’t have all the answers, but you do have the answers to your own personal happiness. Look inside yourself and never be afraid to reach for what you desire. 

Just remember no one exists in a vacuum. The most important thing you can do is realize this and reach out if you ever need help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and sometimes it’s all we need to do. It’s better than living with constant fear and doubt. 

J Harvey

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