Thoughts From The Road: Escapism Won’t Make Us Happy

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Life is a funny thing sometimes.

It really does work out but it only turns out favorably, the more effort you put into it. I know a lot of people. We all do. Some of the people I know tend to complain about the state of their lives, the place where they live, or any number of changeable aspects. When I ask them what they are going to do about it, they usually tell me they plan to move to another city because it’ll definitely make life better, as an example. Basically, the response is usually some sort of a superficial fix which really won’t improve anything.

You see, life is only painful when we feel that we aren’t making progress towards our goals. I think some people see their goals as this one bright diamond that they need to reach for but they don’t really think about all the steps it’ll take to dig that diamond out. All goals usually can be accomplished no matter how big and lofty they might be. We just have to stick to it. That diamond will take a lot of work to get. You have to plan, dig and dig, and dig some more. Just like the diamond, there are many steps to accomplishing goals and most people aren’t very good at enduring the process or the set-backs which will definitely present themselves.

But let’s set something straight:

A new place won’t make your life easier.

A new place won’t make your goals easier to accomplish.

​​Life Reflection: Escapism Won't Make Us Happier. My Normal Gay Life.These types of changes don’t help. We have to be comfortable in our own skin wherever we are. When I ask people how they think changing locations will actually make them happier…they usually don’t have an answer. They don’t know. Most people are just desperately trying to accomplish something but they want the easy way out. If someone does have an answer it usually has to do with it being a new place. I always think…”well, that’s cool, but what happens when that place is no longer new and you sink back into self-pity and misery.”

What then?

The thing about making crazy changes in our life is that it is a form of escapism which is just as detrimental to our mental well-being as drugs and other illicit activities. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a move is an excellent idea. Going some place new and living can do wonders for our mental outlook but I know many people who have moved over and over with no change.

The thing about all of this that despair will always be part of our lives but we don’t have to let it rule us. We can choose to be happy with what we have, work towards what we want relentlessly, and celebrate each minor victory. Escapism won’t help because usually the thing we are trying to “escape” or fix is inside us. No matter where we go, it will always follow right behind us.

J Harvey


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