Thoughts From The Road: Enjoy Your Life…Simple

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“Create a life we don’t need a vacation from.”

That old saying rings very true to me. I’ve always thought everyone should live in such a way that life is actually enjoyable. Instead of treading through each day waiting for our vacation time to kick in, we should really take pleasure in day-to-day life.

We need to be able to look forward to today because in the end all we have it today. It’s important to find ways to lift ourselves up and maintain a positive attitude. The drudgery of everyday life can really bring anyone down. But, with a little effort and a lot of desire, we can make sure that cloud of gloom never settles in our hearts.

We can make ourselves feel better. 

Remember…it is no one else’s responsibility to make us happy. Only we are responsible for our own happiness. Many people believe happiness should just happen. The problem is that it doesn’t just happen. It actually takes effort. Keeping a positive mindset and looking on the bright side of things takes tons of effort. There are plenty of outside influencing factors trying to pull us down and only we can resist it, for our own sake.

Instead of focusing on more and more and more, let’s focus on what we have. Let’s be grateful. Yes, maybe we could use a bit of a pay boost but at least we are paid for our labor. At least we have our health, our friendships, our loved ones, our pets, a warm sun, or our own life. These are all important things to focus on.

Shift the focus to how we can feel a little happiness or even a little more love today and things will start changing. As with anything, it takes practice. Don’t let those negative emotions brew inside of you. Instead, empower yourself to be positive and spread that affirmative feeling.

Once you begin to do this, it spreads. The world will begin to be a better place. Shift that focus and you’ll see.

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

J. Harvey

J Harvey is a travel writer based in North Carolina. With two masters degrees, he decided to forget working a normal 9-5 job and instead create a travel blog focusing on travel for a more inclusive community. He hopes to increase LGBT representation within the travel industry while inspiring others to travel in whatever capacity.

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