Thoughts From The Road: Always Keep A Positive Attitude

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Have you ever noticed what a negative thought does to you? For instance, if you let a negative thought linger, it can ruin your entire day. It’s like that negativity starts weighing on blots out sun and you just feel sort miserable. Then the bad mojo can grow. It can quickly turn into a raging monster. Before you know it, you might feel angry at the world and not even understand why. It’s better to have a positive attitude!

What do we gain?

What do we gain from focusing on the negatives. Nothing. Nothing is gained by being a negative person. Negativity is nothing. When we focus on negative events, gossip, the horrible things in the world, we drain ourselves of the radiant light of an optimistic attitude. Suddenly the world might look like a very bad place. You might begin to feel pity for yourself and feel as though you are the

Life Reflection: Always Keep A Positive Attitude. My Normal Gay Life Blog
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victim. Having a poor attitude can make it seem as though it’s you against the world. If we want to really explain what we gain from negative attitudes, it can be said fear, hatred, misery, and all those bad feeling are gained. But is that really a gain? Instead, we create these little beasts and then we have to deal with them.


Everyday presents an opportunity to improve ourselves as individuals. Sure, there are terrible things going on in the world. We can influence some of those things …but ultimately they are out of our control. The only thing we are truly in control of is how we deal with ourselves and the world. Adopt a positive outlook. Whenever things get hard, or look hopeless, or look bleak, try to see the bright side of it all. There is always a bright side. It just takes a little work and training to see it. No matter what, you have to keep moving forward. That’s the only direction we can go. So don’t let nostalgia for more innocent times control you or serve as a roadblock. Break away from the emotional disturbances of your past or your present.

Live Today

There is an important realization we must all come to make. “I am happy.”  Things might not be exactly as we expected them to be at this point in our life. Perhaps, we are still working towards certain goals and dreams. But wherever you are in your life, that’s exactly where you need to be at that moment. If I were to look at where I am right now in my life, I’d say I am doing pretty well and I’m happy. But if I compare that to where I thought I’d be …or to others…or to lofty goals I have then I might began to feel about myself. My life did not go exactly as I planned. But I am happy with the way it is. In fact, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Choose to be happy. Make the decision to accept life as it comes at you and make the best of every situation. Wake up in the morning and think to yourself; “I’m happy. I am alive. I am excited about today and I am going to make the best of everything.”

Let’s stay positive! Are you up for the challenge?

J Harvey

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Life Reflection: Always Keep A Positive Attitude. My Normal Gay Life Blog

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