Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West

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Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog
Island House Loving
Welcome to gay paradise! 

Island House is one of gay Key West’s premier gay hotels and is considered by many to be a rite of passage for gay men the world over. This award-winning gay guesthouse has been recognized as one of the best gay hotels in the world time and time again due to its quality accommodations and facilities as well as its liberal attitude towards nudity.

Yes, that’s right…Island House is one of those hotels in gay Key West where nudity is highly celebrated and encouraged. The body-positive attitude of the hotel creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can really grow comfortable with your own body. Of course, sometimes this will lead to frisky business…but only if you want it to lead there and you don’t have to worry about judgement from anyone.

It’s the perfect place to step outside the box and embrace who and what you are!

Where in Key West is Island House?

Island House is located along what is considered “Guesthouse Row’ in gay Key West at the end of Fleming Street. there are multiple other guest houses in the area. If you’re looking to party, Duval Street is located only about 6 blocks away which is a quick drive or about a 12 minute walk.

Island House is only located a short 12 minute drive from Key West International Airport so if you are flying into the city, it’ll take you no time to get there!

Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog

Our Room at Island House

Island House offers a variety of rooms that feature queen, king, or double beds and have shared bathrooms, semi-private bathrooms, or private bathrooms. The rooms offer either city views, courtyard views, or pool views and feature flat screen televisions, refrigerators, and digital safes. For your showering pleasure, Island House offers Aveda hygiene products too!

Our room was super comfortable with a nice queen bed and faced the courtyard which is where the hot tub is located. The spacious room had everything we needed and we particularly liked the sliding glass door which let in plenty of light. We slept really well which is about the only thing we did in our room.

Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog
The Pool
Island House: Other Facilities

Island House is set up as a veritable pleasure palace (and you can’t take that to mean whatever your want). The hotel has a fairly large pool flanked by an excellent bar, patio chairs, and an outdoor shower. During the day you can also have a massage outside near the pool. There are two hot tubes in the hotel; one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor hot tub gets really popular at night. Additionally, there is a roof top patio where you can relax in the warm gay Key West sun while fans mist you lightly. It’s a perfect way to relax. We spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub!

The hotel also offers a gym which is actually used by many local community members as a fitness facility. You’ll find all the normal gym equipment here.

Now, the one thing Island House features that most other hotels would not dare is a cruising area. The cruising area was actually directly across the hall from our room and it’s like a bathhouse in a smaller format. You can expect to find exactly what you might think in this area and it can get pretty popular late at night. Like I said, Island House is a place to embrace nudity AND your freak flag should you so choose…and you can do it all without fear of judgement. It’s the beauty of gay Key West!

Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog
The Hot Tub
Island House Happy Hour
Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog
Feeling Prideful in Key West

One of the best aspects of staying at Island House (aside from every other thing) is the free happy hour everyday. You read that right….FREE HAPPY HOUR! Everyday from 5-6:30 pm guests of Island House can take advantage of a completely open bar and hang out in the pool. There’s really no limit as to what you can order during happy hour too. All premium cocktails, frozen drinks, mojitos, martinis, and craft beers are free for an hour and a half each day. Literally, any alcoholic beverage your hearts desire is yours. I’ve never stayed anywhere that offers this kind of perk and it’s awesome!

But be careful…a free happy hour can definitely get you feeling in a party mood quick! Drink responsibly!

Book your room at Island House in the Heart of Gay Key West! 

Are you ready to allow yourself to let go? If you’re up for a naked good time then book your room at Island House by visiting their website! You’ll definitely be glad that you did! Just remember this is a male only resort.

If you’re looking for accommodations in other parts of the US, then check these gay resorts out! 

What do you think?
Are you willing to give an a clothing-optional resort a try?

J Harvey

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Island House: Clothing-Optional Comfort in Gay Key West - My Normal Gay Life blog

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