Why I’m Worried About Visiting My Dream Destinations

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We all have a bucket list of sorts, right? They’re filled with our dream destinations. Some of us literally have a list we continuously add to and it’s written down somewhere. Others keep a mental list of the things and places they’d like to do before they die. Usually we keep these types of lists because we long for the experience of it all.

For me, visiting Mount Everest would be the experience of a lifetime. Heading to Mongolia and traveling across the country would be absolutely incredible. Stepping foot on Antarctica and being one of the few to ever visit is definitely something to which I look forward. We create these types of lists because we desire something out of the ordinary. We want adventure and we want it now…or later…whenever it happens.

Making a bucket list is pretty useful. When we write our travel goals down, we’ve made them tangible. They’re literally sitting there on the computer screen or a sheet of paper just waiting to come to life. A bucket list gives us a little bit of organization with our travel goals and provides us with incentive to just make it happen.

For me, personally, I love having a bucket list. It’s important to me to have a tangible list of goals. Without it, I fear I’d have no direction. That being said, I worry about the build up that comes with dreaming of future destinations.

What if the destination doesn’t fit my preconceived notion? I’m all about dropping those ideas we create in our minds of how a place ought to be. We live in reality after all. Even so, it can be a bit frustrating when we build up this idea of a place in our minds only to arrive and realize the place isn’t as glorious as we thought.

That’s why I worry about visiting my dream destinations. 

In order to combat disappointment, I try to keep in mind that each place I visit is incredible in its own right. Regardless of my fantasies about a place, any destination can be fun, interesting, and awesome to experience. Before I head to a place on my bucket list, I try to tell myself to let go of my preconceived notions and take the place as it presents itself. When I do this, I open myself to the possibility of something extraordinary even if it doesn’t meet my original expectations. It’s important to do this every time you take a  trip. The world is full of wonders and they’re usually right in front of our faces…we just have to open our eyes to see them.

J Harvey

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Why I'm Worried About Visiting My Dream Destinations. My Normal Gay Life Blog

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