How To Travel Without Traveling!

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The excitement of initially deciding to go on holiday and then actually planning your trip out can be overwhelmingly fulfilling. You look forward to the day you get to jet off on a plane to some place you’ve never visited before with plenty of exploration ahead of you. Travel literally takes us to new destinations and opens our minds. Your horizons broaden just a bit from something as simple as experiencing a place you’ve read or watched videos about. Suddenly, you’re experiencing famous landmarks, walking through history, interacting with diverse people, and LIVING. But there are times travel is just not possible. In this article I’m going to give you some ideas of how you can quench your thirst for travel even if you can’t actually travel.

So, you can’t travel…

Travel without traveling during COVID19
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Look, life happens and sometimes that means we simply cannot do the things we’d like to do. When life gets in the way, it usually has something to do with our health or money woes. If you’ve lost your job and expenses are piling up, the last thing you are probably doing is taking a vacation. Sickness also puts a major damper on any potential travel plans. How can you travel if your sick? Most likely, if your sick, you have no desire to be anywhere but at home and wrapped up in a nice, warm blanket. Today the entire world is dealing with the the COVID-19 virus. This virus is new and it has quickly spread infecting nearly every country on Earth. Scientists and doctors are trying to figure out how to deal with the disease but there is no cure, no real treatment, and no vaccine. Meanwhile, the virus has already killed thousands of people in the US alone. At this point, most countries have issued stay-at-home orders and some have even closed their borders to travel.

Travel without traveling!

Now if, for whatever, reason you can’t travel then you can certainly do a number of things that I like to think help you feel like you’re traveling without traveling. Of course, you can’t actually travel without traveling but there are definitely ways to help at least inspire your future travels. What makes a lot of these suggestions even better is you can do most of these at home and you probably have everything you already need. So let’s get started on your latest staycation travels!

Plan your next trip
Can't travel write now? Well, you can do these things to travel without traveling!
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Whether you’re not able to travel because of COVID-19 or some other reason, it’s the perfect time to plan your next trip. Decide where you would like to visit when you are able to finally take a trip again and then do your research. You’ll be prepared for your next trip and it’ll make your life a lot easier. It’s also just a great way to read and watch videos about a specific destination. You might even delve into the history of the places you will visit and become more knowledgeable.

Here are a few guides to help: 


-Palm Springs


Plan your dream trip
12 Practical Tips for Visiting Paris
Me at the Eiffel Tower

While you plan your next trip, why not go a little crazy and plan your dream trip. You can make this as a realistic or unrealistic as you’d like. Although if you’re realistic about planning your dream trip then you might be able to actually make it happen one day. If you want to have even more fun, plan your dream multi-destination trip. It’ll keep you busy and entertained learning about your destinations and trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Here are a few more of my guides to help you plan!



Key West

-Panama City, Panama

Read a book

As Dr. Seuss once said; “Reading can take you places you have never been before.” That’s not just a saying either. Have you ever read a book and were so engulfed by the words on the page that you no longer felt like you were sitting in a comfy chair but instead could feel the story coming to life?

Here are a few books I recommend!

How To Travel without traveling by J Harvey

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendy 

This book will definitely have you yearning to experience Savannah, Georgia for yourself!

Read this book to travel without traveling

Travels by Michael Crichton

The author of Jurassic Park also has a book focused on his travels. You’ll definitely enjoy this collection of memoirs.

Travel without traveling by reading this book! Check out the full list!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A story about a shepherd who sales his flock and begins a long and tough journey that will inspire you to follow your dreams.

You can travel by reading and this book is perfect. Check out the full list!

In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

Take a journey across across Australia from east to west and learn all about this enormous country’s quirks. Then plan your trip!

Feel humbled and take this journey. Travel without traveling!

A Long Way To Go by Ishmael Beah

This is the autobiography of a child soldier that will shock you and tear at your heart. It is an incredible story and a reminder that we are all very fortunate. I cried.

Travel the world by reading! Check out the full list!

The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald

If you’re the type of person seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the world through travel then this is the book for you. This is a story of a walk down the coast but of an even greater mental journey. Reflections on a number of topics makes it clear that sometimes the best travel, is slow travel.

Travel the world without traveling by reading these books!

Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands; Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited and Never Will by Judith Schalansky

I love to imagine visiting remote and less-traveled parts of the world and this book is focused on these small yet incredible places. Full of maps and interesting information, your travel juices will definitely be flowing after reading this book.

Read these books to travel the world without traveling!

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

The general gist of this book is a man decides to run a race across the Gobi Desert. During the race, he encounters a little dog who keeps up with him for about 70 miles. Through the words in this book, you learn how the little dog transforms the man.

Read travel blogs
Travel the world without traveling by reading travel blogs!
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Of course, I encourage you to read travel blogs all the time because they are a great source of first-hand information that can usually be trusted. I am a travel blogger and the majority of what I write is completely and totally unpaid and not sponsored. Obviously reading about travel adventures can definitely take you places and maybe even inspire a little wanderlust. Travel blogs are definitely a good source of information if your planning your next trip for when this is all over too!

Here are a few travel blogs I love!

-My Normal Gay Life

-Travel on the Brain

-Nomadic Boys

-Ravi Round The World

-Out With Ryan

-Foodie Flashpacker

Follow some popular travel hashtags
Stuck at home? Well, you can go on a journey easily from your couch. Check out the full list.
Webster2703 / Pixabay

Instagram is often a way to live vicariously through others and there are lots of people, bloggers, and brands that post photos that inspire travel. Type in a few travel related hashtags and follow them so your feed is supplemented by snapshots from amazing places around the world. I know that most travel bloggers and influencers are still posting photos from their travels despite COVID-19 disrupting all of our lives.

Follow My Normal Gay Life’s Instagram account, @MyNormalGayLife!

Hashtags to consider:






Watch travel shows and movies
Watch travel movies to travel without travel!
StockSnap / Pixabay

Since most of us are trapped at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all watching quite a bit of television. In between your series and reality TV, add in some travel themed movies and television shows. It’s always fun to learn about new places, cultures, and foods and there are so many shows that provide us with that. Some are more serious and some are less serious. You can find something no matter what your taste. There are also tons of movies that tell stories through travel themes. It’s the perfect way to escape the reality of your quarantine.

Travel Shows I Love: 

Dark Tourist (Netflix)

Travels With My Father (Netflix)

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Hulu) 

Anthony Bordain Parts Unknown (Amazon) 

Movies that Inspire Travel I Love: 

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Amazon)

Wild (Amazon)

Into the Wild (Amazon)

Amelie (Amazon)

What it comes down to is being a little creative can take you pretty far. We all need things to keep us busy amid this COVID-19 pandemic, stay at home orders, and social isolation. The travel industry has come to a grinding halt as a result of this disease but it will not always be this way. Keep your travel juices flowing by distracting yourselves with some of the things I’ve mentioned in this article. Trust me, eventually the world will get back to normal and true adventure will be waiting for you. Stay inspired!

Where do you want to travel to next?

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