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Once again the holidays are upon us and that means its the season of giving! If you do the whole gift giving thing during this time of year then you’ll want to make sure you choose the most thoughtful presents that are also a bit practical. If you have a traveler in your life, there are tons of things you can give them which will put a smile on their face. After many years of traveling, I can tell you there are also many gifts you can give the traveler in your life that are useless. Make your traveler happy and give something they can really use. I’ve got the definitive 2019 holiday gift guide for all your shopping needs!

Here are the best gifts, according to me, to give to the traveler in your life for the 2018 holiday season!

Holiday Gifts For Travelers on the Road

Travel Cord Organizer

In today’s modern world, it’s nearly impossible to travel without a device or two. The thing about all those devices is that they require charging which requires multiple cords. Help the traveler in your life stay organized with this handy travel cord organizer.

Buy it here for $19.99

 The Trtl Travel Pillow

I have tried many, many types of travel pillow and, to be frank, they all stink. The Trtl Travel Pillow is the exception. This pillow wraps around your neck and has a nifty, hidden neck support so you can get a good sleep in Economy class even if the seat is a bit uncomfortable. This is, by far the best travel pillow out there!

Buy it here for $29.99

4-Piece Packing Cube Set

Travel cubes really changed my life on the road. These little zippered bags help keep all your clothes organized and can also be used for other things like toiletries. It’ll make finding a pair of underwear in your bag super quick. Don’t worry about the fancier brands. Amazon has there own version which are awesome!

Buy it here for $20.00

Tile Slim

Let’s face it, some of us are just more prone to losing things than others. When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is lose your wallet or your phone…or have your bag stolen. just slip this slim device into or onto anything you don’t want to lose and rest assured that you can track it down if need be.

Buy it here for $28.97

LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

Depending on where you’re traveling, you might not be able to drink local water supplies. In comes the LifeStraw which can pretty much purify water as you drink. The company has a great water bottle which makes it even more convenient. Trust me, it’s totally worth it when you wake up thirst in the middle of the night and have no bottled water. Don’t catch a stomach sickness…use this water bottle instead.

Buy it here for $33.69

Foldable Duffel Bag

This is such a simple concept but can make a world of difference. This duffel bag folds down into basically nothing and stores away easily taking up very little space. Personally, I always travel with an extra bag just in case my luggage weights too much or I buy a few too many things to bring home. It’s definitely worth having a back up bag.

But it here for $23.99

Travel Journal

When we travel, we tend to learn a lot about the world, other people, and ourselves. With so many thoughts running through our minds, it’s a good idea to write them all down. So, the traveler in your life might appreciate a really good quality notebook. Even better if it’s refillable!

But it here for $14.99

Memory Card

You can never have too many memory cards! Photographs will be taken and videos will be recorded. Make sure your traveler has enough memory to hold all their memories!

Buy it here for $9.90

Power Bank

Any traveler will tell you…it’s no fun when your devices to lose their charge and you miss those picture perfect moments. Help the traveler in your life avoid disconnecting with this awesome power bank. I never travel without mine!

Buy it here for $25.49

Dry Bag

The adventurer in your life might find themselves in some wet situations kayaking down a river or snorkeling some distant reef. They’ll be able to keep all their valuables safe and dry with a dry bag. The bag closes and folds down to create a protective layer between water and important things like phones.

Buy it here for $12.99

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags always make great stocking stuffers! These bright tags will set your bags apart so you’ll always be able to recognize your bag from the others on the luggage carousel.

Buy it here for $12.88

Holiday Gifts For Self Care

Face Mask

One of the things I love the most is relaxing at home after a longer period of travel. One of the best ways I find to unwind is by applying a nice face mask. It helps destress while also rejuvenating your skin. Take care of yourself so you can continue traveling the world while looking fabulous.

Get it here for $13.95

The Little Book of Mindfulness

Looking for the perfect, yet also achievable, New Year’s resolution? How about being a little more mindful. Mindfulness can make you a better and happier person. The Little Book of Mindfulness will help you accomplish this goal in just 10 minutes a day.

Get it here for $7.99

Tea Tree Oil

If you haven’t discovered the magic of tea tree oil, then it’s time you do. Tea Tree oil has antimicrobial properties which is perfect for the traveler. Apply this to skin ailments and you’re good to go. The odor is also rather relaxing. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Get it here for $7.99

Beard Oil

For the man on the go, who also loves his beard, beard oil is indispensable. Apply this to your beard to keep it soft and avoid unruly hairs. It also helps keeps it from smelling bad which is always a plus. Great stocking stuffer!

Get it here for $9.90

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Ever thought about all the germs sitting on that hotel bathroom sink? Well, if you haven’t ….you’re welcome. Avoid catching the flu or a cold with this toothbrush sanitizer. It’s compact and definitely worth it to avoid sickness. The traveler in your life will thank you!

Get it here for $9.99

Sleep Mask

Sometimes it is difficult to sleep on a plane. Between the other passengers and weird lighting, it can be downright impossible. Block it all out with this sleep mask which will create a zero light situation from relative comfort of your seat.

Get it here for $9.69

Solid Cologne

If the traveler in your life hates checking a bag because they don’t want pay the exuberant fees, then they probably never travel with a nicely scented cologne. Liquid restrictions in carry-ons make cologne a no-go usually. Solid cologne is the solution. Just rub a little of this on your neck and your own body heat spreads it. Perfect!

Get it here for $22.63

Holiday Gifts for the Traveler at Home

Scratch Off World Map

One of the best (and most fun) way for the traveler in your life to track their travels is with this scratch off world map. Track your travels all the way down to the individual states of the US. Eventually, your maps will be bright and colorful!

Get it here for $19.97

Whisky Globe Decanter

This is a perfect gift for the whisky and travel lovers in your life. This decanter will remind them to explore the world as they sip and reminisce.

Get it here for $59.95

Airplane Bottle Stopper

Does your friend or loved one love wine? Well, they’ll need a nice wine stopper to store away any leftover. This airplane wine stopper is perfect for the traveler who also loves wine.

Get it here for $11.59

Travel Themed Wine Charms

These wine charms are great for any friend who loves to throw parties and their travel theme makes them perfect for those who love to wander around the world and explore!

Get it here for $13.49

Travel Fund Piggy Bank

Do you have a friend who is saving up for a big trip? Well, why not give them this awesome travel fund piggy bank. It’s the perfect place to toss any lose change which will help them get on a plane quicker!

Get it here for $9.99

Gift Cards for the Traveler

Airbnb Gift Card

Gift cards make a great gift and the traveler in your life will love you to the moon and back for this one. An Airbnb gift card adds some funds to their lodging budget which is always welcome. Help your loved one stay like a local with Airbnb!

Get it here! 

Amazon Gift Card

If you just can’t figure out what to get for your loved one for the holidays then why not give them an Amazon gift card. They’ll be able to choose out exactly what they want and you won’t have to worry about giving them something they’ll never use. With millions of items including books for purchase, Amazon is the perfect gift!

Get it here!


Starbucks Gift Card

Coffee is the life blood of most people’s day so a Starbucks gift card is definitely a welcome gift. Starbucks is also always a place where travelers can find WiFi so technically this gives your loved one the gift of connectivity too.

Get it here! 

What are some of your gift ideas for the travelers in your life?

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