Go To These 5 Gay Bars In Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta doesn’t always seem like a destination in and of itself. As of lately, however, it is an international hub serving flights from all over the word and acting as the primary hub for Delta Airlines. The city itself offers quite a bit for the visitor including museums, the aquarium, parks, great restaurants and much more. For the LGBT community, there is a thriving gay scene to explore. A bar or club definitely exists for every taste. Here are five gay bars I recommend you visit if you ever have a bit of extra time in Atlanta.

1) Blake’s On The Park

This is one of Atlanta’s most popular bars and apparently one plenty of people love to hate on.  Love it or hate it, this neighborhood bar isn’t going anywhere. It’s definitely a place to head if you are spending anytime in the city.

2) Burkhart’s 

A two-story neighborhood bar offering music and drag shows. It’s also in close proximity to a few other gay bars.

3) Heretic

A large dance club  that brings in world-famous DJs and such. It has a rather mixed crowd leaning towards the leather lovers…great place to meet other men. The club hosts a variety of themed nights and has a leather shop.

4) Atlanta Eagle

The Eagle bars are known for their inclination towards leather and come as you are attitude. When you visit Atlanta Eagle, take your shirt off and head to the dance floor…no matter what you look like.

5) Swinging Richard’s

Who doesn’t like naked me, right? Swinging Richards is basically a strip club. Enough said. It’s always a fun time!

J Harvey

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Go to these 5 gay bars in Atlanta, Georgia. My Normal Gay Life Travel Blog.

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