5 Reasons You Should Never Travel

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Traveling is a great privilege that a huge portion of the world doesn’t take advantage of for a number of reasons. Sometimes people really just can’t afford to travel. It does cost money and time…this can be a huge expense for people living at certain economic levels. This is totally understandable.

Then there are people who are afraid. The idea of leaving home and going somewhere different is intimidating to some. So, they never wander far from where they live limiting their world to a radius of about a hundred miles perhaps.

The thing about it is…

Traveling is absolutely intimidating. I mean, you are leaving your home and throwing yourself into some pretty foreign situations. But that’s the fun of it. Jumping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new is the best part of traveling.

But for those of you looking for reasons not to travel, I’ve got you covered…

5 Reasons You Should Never Travel (But Really You Should). My Normal Gay Life Travel Blog1) New Experiences

You don’t really care to experience anything new. You’re perfectly content living your day-to-day life and have no desire to see how anyone else lives. Let’s not even consider living the way others live for a bit. New experiences aren’t really your thing.

2) New People

You have all the friends you will ever need in the world and you prefer them to be rather homogeneous. Even if you wanted new friends, you are anxious about the process. Kindness, hospitality, and generosity intimidate you and traveling comes at the risk of experiencing all of these things. You’ll be fine at home instead.

3) Amazing Sights5 Reasons You Should Never Travel (But Really You Should). My Normal Gay Life Travel Blog

​​The world is full of wonders but so is your small town. At least at home you know exactly where to find them and how to get there. You prefer the light grey of your cubicle to the deep hues of a sunset over the ocean. Who needs to see wild animals in their natural habitat in Africa, when you have a great aquarium at home? Plus, getting to all these incredible vistas takes too much work and a world of adventure…you’d rather not.

4) Exciting Food

You love your local eating joints so much that you can’t imagine eating anywhere else. You don’t really crave variety anyway. Fresh sushi in Japan, tapas in Spain, pasta in Italy, who needs them when you’re on a first name basis at your local deli? You’d hate them to forget who you are anyway.

5) Nothing to Learn

You’ve read plenty of books. Heck, you even have a degree and now you don’t really feel like you have anything else to learn. Besides, if you do, there’s always Google to help you out. Funnily enough…the more I travel, the more I learn about cultures, customs, and history. You’re very lucky since you know everything there is to know. It’s probably best you not travel since you don’t need to learn anything else.

5 Reasons You Should Never Travel (But Really You Should). My Normal Gay Life Travel Blog

So, if any or all of these things apply to you, then it’s probably best you stay home. Heading out on an adventure wouldn’t really have much of an impact on you as a person anyway. In any case, you might make new friends, enjoy new foods, or experiencing something incredible and you’d certainly not want that.

J Harvey

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5 Reasons You Should Never Travel (But Really You Should). My Normal Gay Life Travel Blog

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