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I received a complimentary stay at East Bay Inn in as part of a Press Trip to Savannah, Georgia. 

The jewel of the Southeastern United States is, without a doubt, the city of Savannah. Wandering around its historic district, you can’t help feeling like you’ve stepped back in time as you amble through its many squares lined with old oak trees and dripping with Spanish moss. This city has a rich history spanning from a time when the native Yamacraw tribe ruled the area, through the American Revolution and Civil Wars, to modern times. It was the stomping grounds of soldiers, pirates, poets, common folk, and revolutionaries. Savannah also has a dark past having been deemed one of the most haunted cities in the US. All of this combined with its beautifully preserved, graceful architecture makes Savannah an excellent place to take your next vacation. While you’re busy exploring all that Savannah has to offer, you’re going to need a nice place to rest at the end of the day and the East Bay Inn is the perfect stay.

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Beautiful Squares in Savannah
Savannah LGBT

One of the greatest things about Savannah is the city’s come-as-you-are attitude. That’s right, the city is extremely open and accepting of the LGBT Community which is surprising for a city in the Southeastern United States. Savannah is touted as a city for romance and that includes ALL LOVE. As a result, LGBT couples can feel free to visit the city without any fear of reprisal. At no point during our visit did we feel discriminated towards for being gay. You won’t find very many gay bars in Savannah because locals don’t feel the need to frequent bars catering the LGBT Community. Just walk into any establishment and you’re welcome like anyone else. Savannah is truly an LGBT-friendly city and you won’t experience that fear that a hotel will make a fuss about needing one bed instead of two.

Where is the East Bay Inn?

The East Bay Inn is centrally located just steps away from the Savannah River and, consequently, within walking distance of River Street. Of course, Savannah’s famous River Street is where you’ll find the vast majority of Savannah nightlife and many tasty restaurants. In fact, there are over 60 restaurants surrounding the East Bay Inn which means you’ll have plenty of delicious choices. The entirety of Savannah’s historic district is easily accessible from the Easy Bay Inn simply by walking. If you prefer to ride, then you can hop on a trolley tour at one of two stops located very close to the hotel.

East Bay Inn: Southern Charm

Overall, the Easy Bay Inn feels like it belongs in the historic district. The East Bay Inn was built in the year 1852 and still retains many of the positive aspects of the time period. From the second you walk into the hotel, you experience southern hospitality at its best. The decor of the hotel is such that it feels appropriate for the Old South yet there are touches of modern sophistication everywhere you look. The East Bay Inn’s staff is very friendly and helpful, willing to answer any and all questions you have about the hotel or the surrounding historic district. They’ll even help you arrange tours and such. No hotel in Savannah would be complete without two things…pink lemonade and a ghost. You can drink complimentary lemonade all day during your stay while you look out for the hotels resident ghost, affectionately called Charlie.

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Reading about Savannah before starting our exploration.
Historic Inns of Savannah

The East Bay Inn is one of six small hotels listed as Historic Inns of Savannah which are known for their architecture and restoration. This designation commands a certain level of professionalism from staff and a high-quality lodging experience. An important aspect that qualifies these hotels as historic inns is their colorful and historic pasts. Staying in these hotels gives guests the opportunity to experience a taste of bygone eras yet with the comfort of modern amenities expected by travelers today. The building in which the East Bay Inn resides survived the Civil War and housed many businesses including cotton merchants’ offices, a bakery, a grocery warehouse, foreign consul offices, and a drug company. Eventually, in the 1980s, the building would become the East Bay Inn.

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Superior King
Our Room at the East Bay Inn

East Bay Inn offers a wide range of rooms with different amenities which means you’ll definitely find the perfect place to rest your weary body at night and you’ll have everything you need. There are even a pet-friendly accommodations at East Bay Inn, so you won’t have to leave your furry friends at home. For our stay, we opted for the Superior King room which sits at a corner of the hotel offering lovely street views as well as a great perspective of the buildings along River Street and nearby Emmett Park. Upon stepping into the room, we were greeted by exposed brick walls, soft colors and wood grain, and tall ceilings; all of which really create the sense of a luxurious experience.

The room was well-appointed and quite spacious with authentic decor that transported us back to Antebellum times. Our room featured a king-size bed, a lounge area with couch and chairs, as well as a nice wardrobe where the television was located. You might worry about noise from the streets below but that wasn’t really an issue as the walls of the hotel are thick enough to block out most sounds. I really enjoyed the black-out curtains which helped us sleep in a little and enjoy out stay even more on our super comfy bed. Everything taken together made our stay at the East Bay Inn spectacular.

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Lounge Area
Why I Love East Bay Inn

Personally, I love hotels that have a bit of history to them and try really hard to make you feel as though you are experiencing some lavish aspect of a bygone era. East Bay Inn manages to accomplish this while offering modern amenities such as speedy WiFi. The hotel truly makes you feel as though your staying in the cultural south and has all the charm that goes with it without any of the negative aspects. In fact, we (as a gay couple) felt very welcome and equal to any of the other patrons. The decor is perfect for the era being portrayed and I really did enjoy the helpful staff. It’s prime location makes it ideal for exploring the city…and gives easy access to nightlife along River Street. It’s the perfect hotel for romance with your significant other and definitely helps create a relaxing atmosphere. In other words, the hotel was everything we needed it to be and more.

Read all about another historic hotel but this one is in Richmond, Virginia.

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Pirate House
Restaurants Near East Bay Inn

As I’ve already said, the East Bay Inn is surrounded by huge selection of restaurants to choose from (over 60) so you will have no shortage of interesting new places to try for every meal. In fact, you might have a problem choosing a place because you’ll want to try them all. To help you out, here are a few of my favorites within walking distance of East Bay Inn.

Tandem Coffee and Spirits: This place is super convenient as it is located inside East Bay Inn. Tandem Coffee and Spirits offers, well, coffee and spirits. You can grab a latte or a cocktail and enjoy a pastry or some tapas. Sometimes you just need something quick and this is perfect.

Address: 125 E. Bay Street, Savannah, GA

B. Matthew’s Eatery: Offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, B. Matthew’s Eatery is a great choice and located right across the road from Emmett Park. It’s only a couple blocks walk from East Bay Inn to this restaurant which makes a great breakfast stop.

Address: 325 E Bay St, Savannah, GA 

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Two Cracked Eggs

Two Cracked Eggs Cafe: When you leave East Bay Inn, cross the street and you’re practically on the doorstep of Two Cracked Eggs. This restaurant is perfect for a hearty breakfast so come with an appetite. The portion sizes are gigantic. Great for breakfast or lunch, ask for a seat near a window so you can have a view of the Savannah River.

Address: 202 E Bay St, Savannah, GA 

Pirate’s House: A Savannah staple, the Pirate’s House was established in 1753 and a portion of this restaurant was built in 1734, making it the oldest standing building in the state of Georgia. It also has a long history of playing host to real pirates and is claimed to be haunted by an old buccaneer. The restaurant is only a few blocks away from the East Bay Inn and is a great place to try some authentic Georgia seafood.

Address: 20 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 

East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog
Treylor Park

Treylor Park: At a little more than a block away from East Bay Inn, Treylor Park offers a relaxed setting with delicious food choices at pretty decent prices. The food here is interesting offering items such as PB&J wings and a truly Sloppy Joe. Half the fun is trying the crazy concoctions this restaurant offers which happen to be really tasty too!

Address: 115 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA

To book your stay at East Bay Inn, visit their website.

Want to give East Bay Inn a try?

I received a complimentary stay at East Bay Inn in as part of a Press Trip to Savannah, Georgia. For more info, check out my Privacy and Disclosure page. 

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East Bay Inn | Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of Historic Savannah | My Normal Gay Life Blog

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