Don’t Question Other Relationship Dynamics

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I’ve noticed something a lot of people like to do. People love to make assumptions about the relationship dynamics of others and how they should function.  It drives me nuts. Every relationship is different. That’s just the simple truth of the matter. Everyone defines their relationship differently and whether they label it in a way you agree with or not on doesn’t matter.

I’ve met people who are married yet still function as if both parties to the marriage are single. They do whatever they want and they are happy. They’re marriage is about more than the physical and it’s phenomenal.

I’ve also met people who call themselves monogamous yet from other perspectives they are in an open relationship. They simply do their business together. Of course, I am approaching this from an LGBT perspective but I’m sure there are plenty of alternative relationships within the heterosexual world. In any case, I’ve said a million times…I do not feel the necessity of adhering to a heterosexual paradigm. It’s silly to imply that anyone needs to follow any paradigm. I tend to believe that one who is so concerned with the relationships and bedroom occurrences of others needs to really take a good look at their own lives. There is probably something not quite right there. 

My advice to the world is to not hold everyone to the same monotonous standards you may have for your own relationship and life. Everyone doesn’t need to function the same and neither do relationships. Alfred and I have been together for five years, our relationship certainly is not traditional, but we are happy.

In the end, happiness is all that matters.

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

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