Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year?

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This post is sponsored by Celebrity Cruises who invited me on an awesome 10 day cruise adventure so I could write about my experience! Contains affiliate links.

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Beautiful view in Barbados

Recently, Alfred and I were invited by Celebrity Cruises to head out on a big, beautiful ship to explore the Caribbean for 10 days. Personally, I never really considered embarking on a cruise ship vacation because that’s not really my kind of travel…so I thought. You see, I’m the kind of traveler who enjoys winging everything and heading to some pretty off the beaten path places even in some of the most popular destinations. I’ve always thought a trip where everything is waiting for me and most aspects are planned would annoy me and not feel adventurous enough. But when Celebrity Cruises reached out to invite us to join them aboard the Celebrity Reflection, I decided it was time to see what this cruise ship life is all about. As the date for our ship’s departure approached, I found myself growing more and more excited for our cruise adventure!

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Our luxury accommodations!
Luxury Cruise Adventures

As I’ve never gone on a cruise adventure before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed the ship would be pretty nice and comfortable but, in a sense, I was blown away by the luxury of the experience. Celebrity Cruises is known for providing high-end, luxury cruise experiences to all its passengers no matter the level of their room. Alfred and I were given a rather spacious stateroom complete with a queen size bed, couch, and veranda with an unobstructed view of the ocean. When we arrived to the room Celebrity delivered Champaign, berries, and chocolate. In other words, it felt as though we were staying in a boutique hotel in the middle of the sea. What more could you ask for during a cruise adventure?

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Alfred enjoying a nice meal!
Tasty Eats! 


It only got better when we left our room! The ship is gigantic and filled to the brim with fabulous things to do and experience. One of my favorite things in the world is eating and Celebrity definitely has some tasty places to eat aboard the Celebrity Reflection. My favorite restaurant onboard the ship is Luminae which offers upscale dining to Celebrity’s suite level guests. As for other restaurants, Quisine offered a very unique tappas experience; Murano provides guest with a luxury French dining experience where lobster is cooked table side, and you can even participate in a barbecue on the top deck of the ship where you’ll find a real grass lawn. Of course, this only grazes the dining experiences available to cruise guests but are some of my favorites.

Fun On Our Cruise Adventure

As for entertainment, you’ll find no shortage. One of my favorite sources of entertainment was the casino where you can actually gamble while the ship is in international waters and win big…or lose as I often did. My favorite games were the slot machines and black jack. There are also live concerts, magic acts, shows, comedians, and more every day in the ship’s state-of-the-art theater. Celebrity also offers people the opportunity for self-improvement and to learn something new via workshops throughout the day on topics from make-up application to art history. Every night there are parties and dances happening around the ship as well. My favorite was the silent disco where you control what music you listen to via headphones and everyone dances to their own beat. Like I said, there is no shortage of entertainment!

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Hanging out at Bathsheba Rock in Barbados
Beautiful Destinations

Of course, the ship is only half the fun of a cruise adventure. The other half is stopping at various ports in new countries for the opportunity to explore a new place and have a new adventure. Each day, you wake up and are in a new country. During our cruise adventure, we made stops in Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and the US Virgin Islands. Each island was special on its own merits and we definitely enjoyed all our stops. In Barbados, we actually explored a large swath of the country interacting with Green Monkeys and witnessing the beautiful countryside and rugged Atlantic coast. We hung out in a volcanic spring in St. Lucia as we exfoliated our skin with mud and we snorkeled a shipwreck in St. Kitts. All of these excursions were offered by Celebrity for an additional fee. The benefit of taking these excursions is you are guaranteed to return to your ship on time and at the very least the ship will not leave without you. There’s so much to do so you won’t be able to do everything. At one of our stops, we decided to just have a nice beach day and headed out on our own. It was an awesome adventure and so relaxing and afforded us a more authentic travel experience.

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Loving the water in St. Kitts
LGBT Friendly Cruise Adventure

One of the coolest aspects of Celebrity Cruises as a company is their support of the LGBT Community. In fact, the company reached out to work with us because it wants the world to know just how much it supports the LGBT Community. While we were aboard the ship, the staff and officers treated us exactly the same as any other couple. We felt like no one judged us and felt completely free to be ourselves.

You can also have a cruise adventure wedding! That’s right! Celebrity Cruises is now offering LGBT weddings (in addition to heterosexual weddings) aboard their ships. Imagine sailing around the Caribbean or any other region of your choice with your friends and family celebrating your love and enjoying the excellent weather. The food for your wedding would be incredible because Celebrity definitely knows about preparing excellent meals. So keep this in mind if you’re thinking about tying the knot. And added bonus is your wedding would be smaller and likely include the people you care about most!

Our Cruise Adventure Highlights

There was so much going on during the cruise that it’s difficult to put my thumb on just a few of my favorite moments. But I managed to do just that so here they are!

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Green Monkey
Monkey Business

One of my favorite stops was Barbados where we hopped into the back of a truck and drove across the tiny island nation. The main focus of the excursion was a visit to a turtle reserve where we encountered Green Monkeys. One monkey sat on a branch eating out my hand and looking up at me with his little eyes. It actually creeped me out but I remember the little fellow had super soft hands. After the reserve we drove to the Atlantic coast of Barbados to see the famous Bathsheba Rock and gaze at the beautiful coast. Along the way, we helped tow someone’s truck which was stuck in a terrible deep mud puddle. It finally ended with a quick off-road ride through a forest and sugar cane fields.

Food, Food, Food!

As I’ve previously said, food is a major highlight of taking a cruise. You can get just about anything you want from French cuisine to tappas to Italian to sushi, and even a barbecue! Not only can you find so many different types aboard Celebrity’s ships, you can typically have as much as you want. It’s like a never-ending, all you can eat buffet. Speaking of buffets, there’s actually a buffet that serves a huge variety of foods everyday until midnight. Needless to say, we ate a lot more than our fair share.

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Captain’s Luncheon
Captains Luncheon & Helipad Send-Off

This was a really neat and special event we had the privilege of participating. As we were leaving Antigua, we were invited to hang out on the helipad at the front of the ship and have Mimosas. Afterward, we attended the Captain’s Luncheon where we met many of the officers aboard the ship and learned about them and their jobs. It was a very nice, exclusive meal so if you ever have the opportunity, you should definitely take advantage.

Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog
Interesting Man in Antigua
Fun Parties & New Friends

Celebrity prides itself on throwing some pretty fun parties usually involving music, fun decorations, and a lot of passengers smiling from ear to ear. The best thing about these parties and meet-ups is you will get to know some awesome new people. We ended up having a core group of people we hung out with the entire time while were aboard the Celebrity Reflection during our cruise adventure. Now, we keep in touch with them the best we can and hopefully will cross paths again someday.

Thank you to Celebrity

I’m sure I would have embarked on a cruise adventure at some point in the future but Celebrity Cruises made it much easier for me to gain this experience. I’m more than thrilled the company decided to work with me and had an incredible experience. From the excursions, to our room, the many perks, the professional and helpful staff, to the ship itself… everything was perfect. A big, warm thank you goes out to Celebrity Cruises and I look forward to working with them in the future. If you have the opportunity to go on a cruise adventure, do it!

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Disclaimer: I received product and/or payment from Celebrity Cruises in exchange for a fair and honest article about my experience. Although this post is sponsored by Celebrity Cruises, all opinions are my own. Please visit my disclosure page for more information. 

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Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year? My Normal Gay Life Blog

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Have a Cruise Adventure This Year?

  • March 12, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Neat Jose; I had the same view of cruises. Not been on one yet but your experience confirms it’s a fun time. I prefer rough and ready, minimal planning, sometimes seat of the pants travel. Off the path suits me well. But cruises offer us neat change ups to add order and enjoyable experiences to our traveling ways.

    • March 16, 2018 at 4:21 am

      Exactly! I was definitely ready to be disappointed but I went into it with an open mind and had a blast. I’d probably do it again, given the opportunity.


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