Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment

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Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Enjoying my coffee on the balcony!

I’ve visited Paris many times throughout my travels and explored the city quite extensively but I don’t think I ever truly had my dream holiday in the city until recently (more about that in a bit). You know, it seems everyone in the world wants to visit Paris and we all have an idea of the perfect vacation in the city. Perhaps it involves wandering around the city, enjoying a nice coffee, and just taking it all in. Maybe you dream of visiting the Louvre and all of Paris’ world famous historic sites. Or partying it up in Paris’ lively nightlife scene might be more your style.

Whatever your Paris dream holiday may look like, you’ll need somewhere amazing to relax and recuperate from each day full of Parisian adventures. Cobblestone Paris Rentals offers the perfect apartments for unwinding after a day of exploring Paris. You can choose from 26 different apartments including studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments decked out with everything you might need to make your holiday extraordinary. The apartments are in great locations including some of my favorites; Le MaraisÎle Saint-Louis, Montorgueil, Louvre area, and ChampsÉlysées, which means your Paris adventures are at your doorstep! Convenience of location is definitely a plus but renting an apartment also means you get to really take your dream holiday to a deeper level gaining a better understanding of what it means to live like a Parisian local.

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Le Marais, Paris by Pierre Bourru. Click for CC.

Cobblestone Paris offers the perfect way to experience a true Parisian lifestyle at affordable prices and in luxurious accommodations.

La Passage Du Marais : A Dream Holiday Location

The apartment where I stayed is aptly named Le Passage du Marais because it is located in the center of Paris’ famous gay district Le Marais. The location is absolutely perfect because it is within walking distance to many of Paris’s most famous attractions including Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and it’s gardens, as well as the beautiful Seine River. On top of that, there are loads of restaurants, coffee houses, and shopping establishments in the area. When it comes to night life, most the gay bars and even a sauna is within walking distance of the apartment.

If walking is not your thing, then there are multiple metro stations nearby or you can easily get a cab or Uber. This apartment is definitely the place to stay if your goal is to explore Paris by foot and enjoy a little of the bar scene by night. You just can’t go wrong here.

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
The Living Room of My Apartment
It’s In the Details…For Your Dream Holiday

The luxury apartment I called home for three days felt like a very special place because of all the small details that come together to make a place feel like home.

A Private Passageway

The apartment itself is situated along a 19th Century Passage which definitely transports you back to the days of yesteryear. At night the passage is closed but you have access by key in order to get to the apartment. One of my favorite aspects of the apartment is how quiet it is even though it’s situated in one of the most lively and active sections of Paris. The passageway actually helps insulate against noise which really contributes to getting a proper beauty sleep.

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Historic Features

Historic Home

As soon as you step inside the apartment, you know you’re staying somewhere special and historic. If the passageway didn’t give you that feeling, then the apartment’s 300 year old hand-carved wooden beam ceilings will definitely take you to that special place. There’s also beautiful exposed wooden beams in the wall which only adds to the ambiance. Take a coffee as you gaze out the window over the apartment’s plant boxes at the beautiful passageway and think about the way life must have been all those many years ago.

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Modern Comforts

Modern Comforts

Don’t let these historic features fool you, the apartment is renovated and provides high-end furnishings for your enjoyment. Cable television, a Paris-themed movie library, excellent WiFi, and free local and long distance calls are included. So, if you’re hoping for an excellent place to work, this is it. The apartment also comes with a full kitchen including dishes, cookware, and spices. You’ll have all the modern expectations of comfort while enjoying the incredible historic nature of this luxury apartment.

What To Do Near La Passage Du Marais. 
Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
fsHH / Pixabay

Gay Scene

One of the biggest perks of this luxury apartment (and something that really contributed to my dream holiday) is its proximity to all the gay bars and gay establishments. I walked to every gay bar while I was staying in the luxury apartment. It was a quick jaunt to my favorite people watching bar, OPEN Cafe and the gay burger joint Tata Burger. I highly recommend these two places if you’d like to take in some low key gay culture. If you prefer things on the more wild side, there are plenty of gay bars nearby including Raid, Freedj, and Banana Cafe among other gay establishments.

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Enjoying a Home Cooked Meal

Dream Holiday: Dining and Shopping

There are so many options for dining around La Passage du Marais apartment that you won’t be able to experience them all. For a really unique experience (especially for Hogwarts fans) head to the House of Nicolas Flamel where you can experience a Harry Potter themed meal in the oldest stone house in Paris. It was constructed in 1407. Alternatively, you can find pretty affordable dining in the area or you could go to a local grocery store and cook your own meal at the luxury apartment.

For you fashionistas, there is more than enough shopping to keep you busy. You can find high end fashion brands as well as unique, unheard of clothing brands all around the area. The only question will be whether you want the matching silk socks!

Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog
Beautiful Parisian Street Scene

Go The Tourist Route During Your Dream Holiday

As I’ve already stated, the luxury apartment is centrally located in Paris which means you can walk to just about every famous Parisian attraction. For anything else, the metro is close by so you won’t miss a thing.

Dream Holiday For Everyone…Gay Friendly Accommodations

Cobblestone Paris Rentals not only offers beautiful, luxury apartments to make your dream holiday come true, the company is also super gay-friendly. If you are an LGBTQIA individual or family, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Sometimes renting an apartment can cause a bit of apprehension because of the fear of reprisal if your host decides to act in a discriminatory manner. I know there have been extremely awkward moments during my travels when a host realized Alfred is my husband.

You won’t need to think about this at all as it is not an issue for Cobblestone Paris Rentals. In fact, the greeter who met me to check me into the apartment recommended many gay bars, dance clubs, and gay eating establishments when I asked about them. He really went above and beyond! Simply book and then relax because that’s what you deserve during your dream Paris holiday.


To book your stay at one of Cobblestone Paris Rentals’ apartments, check their website for availability and make your reservation. 
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Cobblestone Paris: Your Dream Holiday In A Luxury Apartment - My Normal Gay Life blog

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