5 Cheap Eats In Mykonos

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5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos, My Normal Gay Life BlogBefore heading to Mykonos, I spent a bit of time in Crete and Santorini which made me fall in love with the islands. The Greek Islands are beautiful and will steal your heart but they can also make your wallet feel a lot lighter. When I travel, I want to get to know a place while understanding its history and culture. Part of that includes eating and drinking local favorites. But I want to do it without breaking the bank. One of the simplest things you can do to save money while you travel is to look for cheap eats every so often. That’s not to say you should eat crap food while you travel but I know that in cheap eats in Mykonos saved me quite a bit.

Mykonos on a Budget?

Mykonos is known as a pretty luxurious place and is often the holiday of the rich, famous, and powerful. As a result, it isn’t the easiest place to travel on a budget. When I arrived in Mykonos, I told myself I would definitely make my two day visit work on a budget. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on anything while I was there so I limited my alcohol consumption, rented a cheap (yet surprisingly luxurious) MisterB&B, and sought our cheap eats in Mykonos that would be filling but not cost a fortune. My original stay was planned for two days but I ended up staying for six days. So budgeting was definitely a priority for me during my unexpected extended stay and turning my attention to cheap eats in Mykonos really helped me accomplish that goal.

Why Go Through The Trouble?

Mykonos is a fabulous place and there is something for everyone. If beautiful beaches, narrow picturesque streets, incredible nightlife, and historic sites are your thing, then you can’t wrong here. From the moment you step into town, you won’t be able to resist the relaxed attitude of the town…and much of the world has made that realization too. As a result, prices can be high but many would say it’s totally worth it.

Lucky for you, I made it my goal to find as many cheap eats in Mykonos as possible during my visit. I asked people, walked around, and did the research for you

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos

1- Cheap Eats in Mykonos: Jimmy’s

Souvlaki is to Greece as baguettes are to France. They go hand in hand and are usually one of the cheapest meals you can find in Greece costing about 3 euros each except in Mykonos where a good souvlaki will cost you about 5 euros. Pita bread stuffed with meat, onion, tomato, fries, and tzatziki sauce (though I prefer mine with yogurt) is a perfectly filling and delicious meal. Jimmy’s is an institution so you definitely have to eat here at least once.

Address: Lakka, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos, My Normal Gay Life Blog

2- Cheap Eats in Mykonos: Sakis Souvlaki

Another souvlaki place I am including on this list is Sakis because I actually prefer it better than Jimmy’s. Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, While Sakis is famous for is gyros, the restaurant has an extensive menu of meat dishes and cheeses. It’s one of the only places in Mykonos where you will find a souvlaki for about 3 euros and the staff are super friendly. They say always follow the crowds when it comes to food and Sakis always has a crowd.

Address: 7 Kalogera, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos My Normal Gay Life


3- Cheap Eats in Mykonos: Popolo

If you need a break from all the delicious Greek food, then there are plenty of options in Mykonos but they can be costly. One of my favorite lower priced places to grab a snack is Popolo. Grab a snack or an Italian style sandwhich here for a low key lunch. The coffee here is pretty tasty too!

Address: Drakopoulou 18, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos, My Normal Gay Life

4- Cheap Eats in Mykonos: Maria’s Traditional Restaurant

This unassuming restaurant sitting behind Hotel Leto serves up a delicious mix of Greek and Italian food. Grab some pasta, a Greek salad, or a pizza and you’re sure to have a full belly without breaking the bank. For two people, you can expect to spend about 25 euros. Not bad compared to many of the other prices in Mykonos.

Address:  Polikandrioti, Mykonos-Stad 846 00, Greece

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos, My Normal Gay Life Blog

5- Cheap Eats in Mykonos: Appaloosa

Appaloosa is probably the most interesting restaurant on this list because of the diversity of food. It’s considered a Mexican restaurant yet serves Asian style foods as well. The prices are actually quite normal for Mykonos. However, if you go before 9 pm, you can take advantage of the early dining specials. The restaurant also offers a special menu which usually has lower priced offerings.

Address: 11 Mavrogeni | Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

5 Cheap Eats in Mykonos, My Normal Gay Life

BONUS: Bougazi

This tiny little creperie is a bit hidden but definitely worth seeking out to satiate your sweet tooth. They serve a large selection of delicious crepes and waffles…and you can grab a coffee here too. One crepe is big enough to share between two people.

Address: 4 Polikandrioti, Mykonos Town 846 00, Greece

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5 Cheaps in Mykonos, My Normal Life Blog

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