My Mission

Simply put, my mission is to travel and see as much of the world as I can in this lifetime. Since I travel so much, a few years ago I decided to start documenting my travels for the world. As a gay man, I thought there would be value in approaching travel from a gay perspective and maybe I could have some impact on my community. It evolved rather quickly and I believe traveling and putting it out there for the world is having some impact. That’s all that matters, really.

So, my mission is to: travel the world, while serving as a representative for the LGBT+ Community within the international travel industry,and present my stories, experiences, tips, and tricks to both inspire and encourage everyone to travel regardless of their identity. 

Who Am I?

I’m J. Harvey and I’m super happy you’re exploring My Normal Gay Life blog! I’m 30 years old and am relatively new to the travel game having visited about 25 countries in the last three years. But don’t worry, I don’t plan to stop traveling anytime soon. I love travel and nothing makes travel better than embarking on an adventure with my lovely husband, Alfred! You’ll see photos of him on here every so often.

I have a lot of formal education but I find some of the best lessons I’ve learned have been on the road. So I hope you enjoy these lessons and more as I dibble dabble on this blog bringing you the best content I can!

My Fave Places…So Far

I’ve seen quite a bit of the world on my journey but there are some defining moments I cherish like prized possessions:

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