My Mission

My Normal Gay Life | About Me

Simply put, my personal mission is to encourage people to embrace who they are while living life to its fullest.

A few years ago, I decided to start documenting my travels for the world. As a gay man, I thought there would be value in approaching travel from a gay perspective and maybe I could have some impact on my communities. In 2020, we faced a threat to our very way of life with the global COVID19 pandemic. This virus really disrupted the travel industry and with it my future travel plans. While I believe the travel industry will recover eventually, I decided to expand the content I produce to include other aspects of my life.

So, my mission is to serve as a self-described representative for the LGBT+ Community and present my stories, experiences, tips, and tricks for living a more inspired life. I hope to encourage everyone to live their normal regardless of their identity or what others have to say by traveling the world, experiencing new things, creating a harmonious and peaceful home, and overcoming insecurities to achieve their goals and dreams.

Who Am I?

My Normal Gay Life | About Me

I’m J. Harvey and I’m super happy you’re exploring My Normal Gay Life! I’m 32 years young and am simply living my best life. I love to travel, cook, garden, and so many other things. Travel is a HUGE part of my life so you’ll see plenty of travel content on here. I love travel and nothing makes me happier than embarking on an adventure with my lovely husband, Alfred….except maybe building our home up together or cooking a delicious meal or learning something new.

I have a lot of formal education but I find some of the best lessons I’ve learned have come from living life. So I hope you enjoy these lessons and more as I dibble dabble on this blog bringing you the best content I can!

My Fave Places…So Far

My Normal Gay Life | About Me

I’ve seen quite a bit of the world on my journey but there are some defining moments I cherish like prized possessions:

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