9 Best Gay Bars In Barcelona

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Barcelona is a pretty wonderful city situated on the beautiful coast of Spain and offering a plethora of cultural, historic, and regional treasures for anyone to explore. Of course, if your tire of the city, you can always take a 30-minute train ride to Sitges for fun in the sun on the gay beach. In any case, I doubt you will tire of Barcelona as it is also known as a hotspot for gay culture and shenanigans. The Gaixample district (as it is known by locals) is home to a multitude of gay and gay-friendly businesses and is also rather picturesque.

Exploring the gay nightlife in Barcelona is all about having an open mind and sort of going with the flow. And go you will…people in Barcelona usually don’t eat dinner until late and the real party doesn’t start until after 11:30 pm or even midnight. So, you better rest up before you head out for a night on the town because you’ll need your energy to keep you going.

Take the amazing diversity of gay bars, friendly atmosphere, beaches, awesome attractions, and gorgeous Spaniard men and you have the recipe for an incredible holiday.

Here are the bars I recommend for a fun time! Don’t be shy and chat with people. But I’m serious about a nap; you’ll need it because the party starts late at night and goes until early morning.

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1) Boys Bar BCN

This bar has gone through an evolution as it went from a lesbian venue to 80’s and 90’s to what it is today. It attracts a rather mixed crowd early on and we only ever stayed for one drink or so. It’s a great place to people watch. Also, the bar offers free WiFi, has a porn area, and a small darkroom area.

2) Night

This cruise bar is typically pretty packed with a very mixed crowd leaning towards the mature side of things. You don’t see very many twinks walking around this place and it is a rather narrow space. The bar offers a nice variety of beers and some mixed drinks at a reasonable price. The bar boasts a darkroom where you can always find some action if that’s your thing and hosts German-style parties as well.

3) La Chapelle

This bar stands out for it’s religious-themed decor and offers some of the cheapest drinks in Barcelona when it comes to gay bars. It’s a rather small bar so get ready to be a bit intimate.

4) La Casa de la Pradera

This local bar is pretty friendly and has a mixed clientele. It’s fun, relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to grab a beer and tapas. Each drink you order comes with a free tapa! Live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights which only make the convivial atmosphere of this bar even better.

5) Átame

The name of this bar literally translates to “tie me up!” and it attacts a younger campy crowd for an awesome happy hour and Sunday night drag shows.  Get ready for the latest in Spanish pop music as well as some classics!

6) Osbar

Osbar might sound like it should be a bear bar but actually isn’t geared specifically at the bear community (Os in Catalan and Oso in Spanish mean bear). This bar opens at around 8 am when you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon snacks. It also hosts art exhibits and board game sessions. Don’t worry, it is open late most nights and is a great place to catch some tunes and hang out.

7) The Metro

Metro is always open and definitely always gay. It’s located in a huge basement and is where Barcelona’s locals go to dance. Be on the look our for it’s infamous dark room. You’re sure to find a good time here…whatever that may entail.

8) Museum

With a name like that, you might assume it’s dusty and filled with artifacts. That’s the furthest from the case! This bar is filled with kitsch decor. It generally attracts a more hipster/twinkish clientele. But can serve as a good pre-party spot before heading to Metro which is right down the street.

9) Arena

One of the largest and most prominent chains of gay and lesbian nightclubs in Barcelona. Arena has several locations which will determine the type of crowd you get. Arena Madre is the biggest of the locations and attracts a younger crowd. Arena Classic is more low key and Arena Dandy is focused on 70s, 80s, and 90s, music.

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