8 Ways Travel Makes My Life Better

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Travel is such an important part of my life. I didn’t travel as much when I was a younger undergraduate. In fact, I always wanted to study abroad but never could for lack of funds. After graduating from undergraduate, I met my, now, husband Alfred and travel quickly became an important part of our life. We actually travel a lot compared to most people we know but we travel less then my travel blogger friends. For us, travel is a very fulfilling activity. Yes, it can be stressful and sometimes the hassle of boarding planes, transferring flights, dealing with people and other issues on the journey can be extremely frustrating. One time we actually missed an international flight to Ireland because we were busy drinking in the Delta lounge. You just deal with these things and enjoy every moment of it. It’s really true…the journey is just as important as the destination.At one point, Alfred and I made a deal with one another…a pact, if you will. He works full time in the medical research industry so is slightly hampered by vacation time limits but we definitely need him to work. I’m busy with this blog and launching our small business. If we lived on my income alone…we’d be screwed.

So we made a pact with one another regarding travel. We promised each other we would travel as much as possible each year whether it be regionally, nationally, or internationally. We also agreed we would try to travel internationally at least 2-3 times a year if circumstances permitted. That is how important travel is to us. So, why is travel so important? In all honesty, it makes our life better in so many ways. Here are 8 ways travel makes my life better and will probably improve yours too!

8 Ways Travel Makes My Life Better. Travel totally changes everything...in a good way!1) Gives me new perspective of the world. 

The world seems really small when we stay in our own backyards all the time. Stepping outside our norm opens our eyes up to the possibilities elsewhere. It helps us  see other ways of being and of doing things. 

2) Makes me learn about myself.

When I travel, I seem to always learn something new…about myself. For instance, I learn to face my fears by doing some crazy activity and then I realize I am braver than I think. I resolve some issue without knowing the language of an area or even the norms. I learn to control my frustration …there are tons of things I learn about myself that I wouldn’t necessarily learn sitting at home.

 3) Friendship!

I inevitably meet people when I travel. Some of these people I remain friends with forever and some I never speak to again. No matter what, each relationship is important and helps me along my path in life. 

4) Memories!

Gosh, the memories. Traveling is all about experiences and I remember so many different experiences. For instance, I’ll never forget the time I was chased by dogs in the middle of nowhere, Ireland or the moment I found a Dali in the Vatican Museum and I was completely alone. These are moments I cherish and they are a result of travel.

5) Adds adventure to my life. 

Travel means going somewhere new with new norms and new roads and possibly a new language. It’s a situation in 8 Ways Travel Makes My Life Better. Travel totally changes everything...in a good way!which we are bound to have adventures we’d never have in our comfort zone of our home city. ‘Nuff said. 

6) Relaxes me.

Despite the minor stress that invariably comes with travel, it is still pretty relaxing. We can let loose and be wild because we are on vacation or we can just lay by a pool or beach. It’s all about having a good time. 

7) Boosts my creativity.

I tend to get many of the best ideas while I travel. Our small business is developing thanks to someone whom we met while traveling saying we should try to make it happen. Many of my photography projects were inspired by travel in one way or another. Even this blog got it’s from travel. My mind relaxes a bit and the ideas are able to surface as a result.

8) Makes me have an appreciation for home.

While it is amazing to visit new places and have loads of fun adventures, after a while I miss home. I miss my comfortable bed and my sheets. I miss my dog and my garden. I even miss our routines. Travel helps me appreciate the world around me while also appreciating home. 

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8 Ways Travel Makes My Life Better. Travel totally changes everything...in a good way!

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