8 Tips for Planning a Ptown Getaway

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I’ve written about Ptown in the past so it’s no surprise that I love this little slice of gay heaven. It’s a wonderful place filled with people who hold accepting attitudes and plenty of love in their hearts. It’s a come as you are kind of place and it’s really easy to have the best time.

When Alfred first suggested a vacation to this Cape Code town, I had never heard of it. Google was my friend at that point and I did a bit of research. Heading out to the tip of the peninsula for the first time, I was a bit skeptical. But boy was my skepticism unwarranted.

The town is filled with gay bars, great restaurants, art galleries, and nice shops. The area has a number of nice beaches, historic landmarks, and plenty of places to stay. It’s really just a wonderful place to get away from everything and enjoy life in the gayest way possible.

If you’re planning an escape to Ptown, you are definitely in for a treat. You can relax a little or you can have adventures. There are plenty of things to explore and, at night, Commercial Street comes alive with the party goers. Just take these things into consideration while you plan your trip to gay paradise.

8 Tips for Planning a Ptown Getaway. My Normal Gay Life Blog.1) Pack Light.

Let’s face it, as gay men, we typically like to have outfit for every occasion…especially when their might be themed parties in our future. While this is a stereotype, for me at least, it’s pretty true. I feel much better packing heavy so I have options. What I’ve learned about PTown is you don’t need options. Just take a few outfits, a swimsuit, cute underwear, and you should be set. It doesn’t take much. Don’t stress about packing.

2) Reserve a bike.

The best way to get around PTown is via bike. Ptown Bikes is the rental service I use and they are excellent. Trust me, you’ll want a bike when you decide to head to the beach or grocery store. A basket on your bike makes a world of difference too.


3) Have an open mind.

As a little slice of gay heaven, you are bound to meet people from all ilks of life. Just keep an open mind and don’t be so quick to pass judgement. When you head out to a themed party, reme8 Tips for Planning a Ptown Getaway. My Normal Gay Life Blog.mber…people definitely get into the spirit. Just take it as it comes and enjoy the experience.

4) Go with a crowd.

Our annual trip to Ptown is a group effort which it makes it all the more fun. We rent a house, cook meals, and head out to party up together.  There is still plenty of time for your own space if you need it but going with a group adds a special dynamic to the situation.

5) Eat in.

We eat most of our dinners at our house. Each night a different couple is responsible for preparing a fabulous meal. It brings us together as friends and it’s a lot of fun. Not only that, you save quite a bit of money by doing cooking.

6) Be prepared for the ferry.

The ferry ride from Boston to Ptown will be packed full of people. So be ready for that aspect. There’s a bar on board so you can always drink! Aside from that, the water can be pretty rocky. My suggestion, ask the crew for a ginger lollipop. It does a world of good against sea sickness.

7) Book in advance. 

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Ptown, it’s important to book your lodging in advance. Summer months are obviously the most popular time to visit and lodging can be difficult to impossible to book if you wait too long. We book our house a year in advance because of the demand.

8) Remember…Ptown can be whatever you want it to be.

Like I said, Ptown is a fun, crazy place and I’ve never really visited anywhere else quite like it. You can have a relaxing disconnected time, an average vacation, or a wild time. It’s whatever you decide to make of it.

J Harvey

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8 Tips for Planning a Ptown Getaway. My Normal Gay Life Blog.

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