7 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Airports

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If you plan to do any travel, chances are you’ll find yourself at an airport at some point. Travel is a lot quicker these days thanks to advances in aviation technology but airports can really test people’s patience.

Usually, it is isn’t so much the airport operation that cause us stress. It’s the behavior of people waiting to fly somewhere. For some reason, when loads of people gather in one place, they tend to forget how to behave or just don’t see their behavior as obnoxious.

It would certainly be nice if we could bypass waiting in an airport altogether. But, barring the possibility that you one day own a private jet, you’ll probably have to deal with airports. It doesn’t all have to be bad though. If everyone adjusts their behavior then these situations can be a lot less stressful for everyone. Here are a few behavioral adjustments we can all make to both reduce our own stress and make the experience a bit more pleasant for everyone.

1) Sleep at the Airport

Unless you are traveling with someone you trust, sleeping is probably not the best idea. If you fall asleep then you aren’t watching your belongings and it is easier for someone to rob you. Aside from this, it can be tempting to just rest your eyes while you wait. But before you know it, your place could board and be gone…and you miss your flight. Talk about stress, this could create a situation where you have to cough up even more money to get to your destination (no fun). If you have access to an airport lounge, then you might get away with resting your eyes as long as you are traveling with someone. Otherwise, avoid snoozing.

2) Get drunk at the Airport

Waiting at the airport can be quite annoying. There are plenty of restaurants usually offering a great selection of alcoholic beverages. While there is nothing wrong with imbibing, don’t get drunk. You need a clear head to deal with any last minute set-backs and you won’t be able to use the restroom until you’ve reached altitude. Not only that, but airline employees can bar you from boarding the plane if you are too drunk. Lastly, drinking is a distraction and you might just miss your flight…we did once!

3) Be unprepared at the security check

Security procedures are different with each place you visit. However, in the United States it is pretty standardized. You need to remove your shoes, belt, all items from your pockets, all metals from your body, and jackets before walking through the metal detector or body scanner. You also need to place your computer and other electronics in their own bins…and any liquids need to be removed from your bag as well. Pretty annoyingly simple, right? There are always people who just do not know what to do and it delays everyone behind them. I decided to avoid all of this by getting approved for TSA Pre-check. It’s well worth it!

4) Lose your cool at the Airport

The last thing you need to do is let your temper flare up. Remember, you might be annoyed or frustrated but the employees at an airport are simply doing their job. They aren’t going to be inclines to help you if you have an outburst or treat them with disrespect.  Respect is key in these situations and it is absolutely unacceptable to treat airport employees with disrespect. In the end, you’ll still be frustrated and you’ll look like a clown to those around you.

5) Lurch near the gate entrance

This is one of my biggest pet peeves at airports. A lot of people like to lurch around the boarding gate which blocks those trying to board. In turn, this just causes the process to slow down. We all are assigned a zone for boarding. If your zone is not called yet, move out the way to allow others to board.

6) Play music loudly on your phone. 

You might love the punk rock anthem blaring in your ear but I can guarantee the majority of people around you would prefer not to hear it. Use headphones. If you are using headphones, then turn your music down…no one cares what you are listening to and that’s the reason headphones were invented.

7) Jump the line. 

It could be at the airport coffee shop or while boarding the plane. Whatever it is, don’t jump the line. Everyone is waiting for something and it isn’t OK to jump ahead of other people. Just be patient and wait your turn.

J Harvey

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