6 Tips To Prevent Travel Arguments

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Traveling can bring out the best and the worst in people. A trip anywhere consists of three components; the journey there, the destination, and the return home. Throughout the entire process there is ample opportunity for things to go awry. I typically travel with my husband and enjoy it very much. It’s always fun to embark on adventures and create new memories together. But there have been a few times when anxiety, frustration, and panic set in. In these instances, one of two scenarios played out but we try to prevent travel arguments. 

1) We managed to get things under control and resolve the issue quickly or

2) The issue turned into an argument which took longer to resolve.

Overtime, I’ve learned a few tips for preventing travel arguments. 

1) Take Stock of Energy Levels

Travel can be exhausting. Driving on the opposite side of the road, airport security, finding a pharmacy, communicating with local people, finding your lodging, learning local customs…all these things and many more can really dampen the mood. It’s important to understand your significant other’s mood, stress levels, and general energy levels in order to have smooth sailing. Showing empathy with their current state of mind can make all the difference in the world. 

2) Be Prepared for Anything

And I mean anything. Storytime!  Once Alfred and I drove to Ft. Meyers Florida so he could take a final exam for his Masters Program. I asked him to pack the night before we left so that everything would be ready in the morning.  We had a great luxury rental car and our AirBnb was booked. That morning he finished packing his stuff into my suitcase and we drove to Florida. When we arrived at our Airbnb, I asked him to get our bag out of the car because I wanted to wear a different shirt to dinner. He responds, “What bag?” I, of course, felt a rush of panic and a bit of frustration. He was supposed to put the bag in the car but didn’t. Then again…I could have double checked but didn’t. So ultimately we both bore responsibility. The next day we bought a few changes of clothes to last us the week and moved on with our trip. Problem solved! So make sure you are prepared to deal with any scenario in an adequate manner and you’ll be fine.  

3) Go Solo

Yes, you’ve decided to travel with your significant other or a companion but this doesn’t mean you have to be around each other 24/7. I, personally, enjoy just a little time where I can be alone. In most instances, I use this as an opportunity to explore the place I am visiting …to wander. But it can be as simple as working out at the gym or even laying by the pool for a bit solo. Time apart can sometimes make all the small issues melt away. 

4) Avoid A Crammed Itinerary

When we go on trips, I know exactly what want to see and do. I usually have a short list of musts and need to experience those things. But for the most part, we take trips with pretty loose itineraries. It’s better to take it as it comes. We’ve had plenty of incredible experiences without adhering to a strict itinerary. A schedule of events is usually a pretty good idea but remember it isn’t chiseled in stone. Be flexible and enjoy your trip.

5) Talk It Out

Now, it’s important to remember arguments happen. Despite our best efforts, sometimes you and/or your significant other are going to blow up…and usually for no real good reason. Except that these things happen and it isn’t necessarily a reflection on either of you. Travel can be stressful sometimes and you just have to deal with it.  The best way to deal with it is to talk it out. Listen to one another and usually this will make things a lot better. It’s not always fun to do this but it works. So make sure you have good communication. 

6) Remember To Relax

Ultimately, you decided to go on a trip to have new experiences and to spend time together. Don’t lose sight of this fact. Alfred and I tend to do at least one special thing during our trip which helps us remember that we really love spending time together despite any bad situations that may arise. 

Blow outs are bound to happen because travel can definitely be stressful. Just remember these six tips and you should be able to prevent travel arguments. You’ll be good to go! 

-J. Harvey

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