6 Reasons To Travel More

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Often, I hear people talking about how much they’d like to travel. Some people have never traveled anywhere and others just want to travel more. But it seems people always have a reason for not traveling. Finances, time, family, work, fear; all these things stop people from heading out the door on an adventure into this crazy world. Well, I’m here to tell you to stop making excuses. Make a decision to travel more. If you never travel, then take a trip at least once a year. If money is an issue then don’t go to Starbucks, take a lunch to work, and eat out less. Family? Well, go somewhere nearby and take your family with you. If you’re afraid or intimidated…get over it; the world is not that scary of a place.

Do you know 55% of Americans don’t use all of their vacation days? That’s ridiculous! You’re given vacation days for a reason. Use them! My schedule is pretty flexible (which is fortunate) and my husband gets a month of vacation a year. You better believe we make sure he uses every single one of those days. They’re not to be wasted and trips are one of the ways we bond with each other.

Now, if you still need some more solid reasons to go through the hassle of airport security, travel time, and annoying people traveling around you, then I’ve got you covered. Here are seven reasons we should all travel more; that include you.

The one thing you won’t regret when you reach a ripe old age is all the experiences you had as a result of traveling.

1) Travel broadens your horizons. 

You can learn a lot about the world these days by sitting at home and surfing the internet. But nothing beats actually experiencing what the world has to offer. If you’re open to it, travel will expose you to new experiences, perspectives, and cultures. You will gain a new found understanding of the world and you might realize you enjoy it.

2) Adventure is good for you. 

Travel and adventure go hand in hand. Oftentimes, we travel to places which are entirely foreign to us. That in and of itself is quite the adventure. But once you arrive, you will find yourself in unfamiliar situations and might even might even try new things you never would try at home. Getting out of your comfort zone is definitely a good thing because it leads to number 1…it broadens your horizons and helps you grow as an individual. This adventure is good for you and the more you experience, the more you will crave it.

3) Travel inevitably leads to learning. 

When you travel, you head to destinations which seem exotic and sometimes otherworldly. You encounter different cultures, strange foods, good and bad situations, and new people. Think of it as experiential learning. As you explore and experience a new place you learn thing. New languages, communication skills, dealing with problems, managing time, understanding the earth and other cultures…these are all so important and can only truly be grasped through experiential learning. Travel opens the door to all of it and helps you grow.

4) New Friends

One of my favorite aspects of travel is meeting new people. I’ve met quite a few people through my travels and plan to continue doing so. I have contacts in many countries and on top of that, I’ve met some bloggers with whom I have developed pretty good relationships. Without traveling, none of these people would be in life and without these people my life would not be as awesome as it is.

5) Self-Discovery

Ever been on a 9-hour flight delay? Ever stood at an island’s highest point and looked out across the land and ocean? Ever been anywhere you did not speak the native language? Have you ever eaten something and not, exactly, known what it was. These things help us learn about ourselves. We learn we can deal with certain situations, we despise other situations, and we love situations we never thought we could love. They are lessons you can’t get sitting at home.

6) Because…YOLO!

You really do only live once, as far as anyone knows. So why spend all your time at home. Head out the door…out the state…out the country and make some memories. You won’t regret it at the end of your life!

J Harvey

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