5 Ways To Inject Love Into Your Bad Day

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Bad days happen. We all have them and they’re never fun. You know what I’m talking about…maybe you woke up in a really bad mood and all you need is a little sympathy. But sympathy wouldn’t really improve the situation. Sometimes something small or nothing at all makes you feel sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, or whatever.  That’s the perfect moment for a love injection. Sometimes you just have to inject love into your life.

The day has to go on no matter what so it’s best just to tough it out. That’s easier said then done. We have to work and interact with other people. But it can definitely feel like the universe and, everyone in it, is conspiring to sabotage us. Anything can cause a bad day to happen.

For me, a lot of the time, my own thoughts can put me in a bad mood. My insecurities, overthinking situations, and even feelings of perceived lack of success can cause a situation to unfold. Trust me…I’ve been on the verge of tears because I convinced myself that my fiancé was unhappy with my role in our relationship. Even when he reassured me that I was imagining things, I still felt bad. 

It’s easy to fall into a pit of despair when something happens to take an otherwise great day and ruin it. But this does not have to be the case. Here are my favorite thoughts/ways to overcome a bad day.

1) Stay Positive

I try to remember all the good things in my life. My network of friends, my pets, our garden, traveling, and art are all things that make my life better. Remembering these positive influences can pull me out of a funk. 

2) Feel What You Feel

Through many, many counseling sessions, I’ve come to one clear and succinct understanding…emotions are really fucked up. I can’t control what I feel and there’s no reason to fight it. So I just accept my feelings including bad moods. Forcing myself to feel something else is not the way to go about it. If I’m mad, I’m mad and if I’m sad, I’m sad. This doesn’t give me the right to treat people badly but it allows me to recognize and acknowledge what I feel.

3) This, Too, Shall Pass. 

When I’m feeling like the day is taking a turn for the worse, I try to remember this isn’t the first time I’ve had a bad day. Thinking about a previous bad day, I usually can’t remember how it stopped being bad. I try to keep in mind that the situation usually isn’t as life changing or dramatic as I feel in the moment.  It doesn’t lessen the intensity of my emotions but it does make think “this is no big deal.”

4) Solitude, Color, And Fresh Air

I’m having a terrible day and nothing is going to make me feel any better. Usually, I need to be by myself for a bit. Walking through my garden and becoming distracted by the colors, the smells, the insects, and even the weeds can make me move past whatever is causing my sour mood. Getting outside, no matter where I am, can distract from the bad day and shows me how good the day can become. 

5) Talk It Out

On the other hand of the spectrum, sometimes I find I just need to talk. Typically, I don’t want advice. I just want someone to listen. I’ll run to Alfred or my bestie or any number of other wonderful souls in my life and just let it out. Keeping my bad mood and emotions a secret is not helpful. Putting a happy mask on doesn’t resolve the situation. It’s best to be upfront about things and letting it out can feel so refreshing. 

In the end, approach everything with love…even bad days. 

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

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